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Ukraine Forced Western Countries to Make Peace with Russia if Something Like This Happens

It is not impossible if in the future Ukraine is forced by some western countries to make peace with Russia.

This estimate was said by two former ministers of the United States (US) government, namely the former US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice and the former US Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates.

Taken from rt, these 2 ministers explained how the current Ukrainian government has a full economic life depending on the contribution of foreign countries.

If in the onslaught Ukraine does not succeed therefore western countries have the potential to pressure Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to make peace with Russian President Vladmir Putin.

Ukraine had said it would do a major onslaught in the spring in September 2023.

But according to Rice and Gates, Ukraine's current military state is predicted to be unable to withstand a Russian offensive.

On the other hand, Ukrainian military intelligence claims that Russia will rule the deployment of the 2nd stage to send soldiers to the battlefield.

After enacting the military in October 2022, Russia is said to be doing the same in January 2023.

Although Russian President Vladimir Putin is opposed, some pro-Moscow observers or content initiators view it as inevitable.

As taken from The Guardian, Sunday (8/1/2023), 300,000 military soldiers have been invited to fight in the last year.

Now, the Russian government is reportedly set to rule on about 500,000 military to be shipped to Ukraine.

If it does happen, this is expected to be a hint that Putin has no intention of ending the war.

If that prediction can be proven correct, then Russia will be almost 2x the strength before the war in the span of some time.

Ukrainian military intelligence explains Russia's 280,000 ground troops are currently being issued to challenge Ukraine.

Vadym Skibitsky, Ukraine's deputy head of military intelligence, explained his faction believes the military could be a side of Russia's onslaught throughout the spring and summer in the east and south of the country.

Skibitsky explained it took Russia about 2 months to come up with a military scheme.

Meanwhile, Russia's state on the battlefield will not only depend on how good Russia's equipment and training is.

According to him, it was controlled by the supply of western ammunition and armaments to Ukraine to equip new prepared reserve units.

"If Russia loses this time, then Putin will collapse," Skibitsky said.

He explained Ukraine predicted the latest wave of deployments would be made public on January 15, after Russia's winter vacation.

"They prioritize in numbers and equipment and hope to conquer our faction," Skibitsky said.

"We expected them to do a raid in the Donetsk and Kharkiv regions, and possibly Zaporizhzhia, but survived inside Kherson and Crimea. This is the number of people they need for such a job," he said, explaining why they predict 1/2 million people will be expelled.

But Russia is opposed to preparing for the 2nd wave of deployments, with Putin explaining last month if it had no function to review.

In line with this, Andrey Gurulyov, a retired Russian colonel general and deputy Duma, explained that there is no argument or requirement for Moscow to announce its 2nd deployment in the next 6 months.

"Not all of the people who were mobilized were initially sent to the fight," Gurulyov told Russian media, referring to the few tens of thousands of military personnel undergoing military training.

On the other hand, some pro-war nationalist bloggers who have been impacted in recent months have made it clear Russia has no options other than to announce a new deployment push.

Igor Strelkov, an ultra-nationalist Russian observer and former intelligence officer, predicts Moscow will announce a deployment next month.

"There will be a 2nd wave of deployments . We will be forced to do (necessarily military-ed) the 2nd wave, and the possibility of the 3rd wave. To achieve victory in Ukraine, we need to call at least 1/2 million soldiers back," Strelkov said.

He added that the deployment movement will be held at the end of February, on the anniversary of the start of the war.

Several thousand People Secured for Denying to Ukraine

Russian citizens flocked to the streets in a number of cities to protest against the military.

They dismissed Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to mobilize some civilians and reservists to the Ukrainian battlefield.

It was said that some chaos occurred at a number of points that resulted in clashes between demonstrators and police.

As of now, several thousand people were secured in anti-mobilization demonstrations in several cities such as Moscow and St Petersburg on Wednesday (9/21/2022).

Some demonstrators in Moscow chanted "Not for war!" and "Live for our children!".

In that regard, in St Petersburg, demonstrators chanted at the deployment or military event.

"Everyone is scared. I'm for peace and I don't want to have to shoot. But coming out at this time is really risky, otherwise there will be more people," said a demonstrator, Vasily Fedorov, taken by Al Jazeera, Wednesday (21/9/2022).

"I arrived to explain if I was fighting war and deployment," said the student named Oksana Sidorenko.

"Why did they decide when I came for me? I am anxious for the safety of myself, and my brother," he continued.

Despite Russia's harsh laws against criticism of the military and war, protests still persist in all countries.

More than 1,300 Russians were secured in anti-war demonstrations in 38 cities, according to Russia's independent human rights line OVD-Info.

Russia's information office Interfax chimed in on the interior ministry for explaining it had thwarted efforts to regulate face-to-face inconsistencies.

All demos were stopped and those who committed 'offences' were secured and taken away by the police awaiting investigation and prosecution.

Initially, the anti-war movement Vesna Democratic Youth said to hold a demonstration.

"We told the Russian military in units and on the front lines to deny participating in 'special operations' or surrendering," Vesna said on his website, leading to the Russian-Ukrainian war.

"You don't have to die for Putin. You are needed in Russia by those who like you."

"For the ruling faction, you are just cannon fodder, where you will be wasted without any meaning or direction."

The website included a complaint for soldiers in the military who did not want to participate in the war.

The demonstrations came after Putin's TV speech on Wednesday morning, which said the deployment was to defend Russian areas and if the West wanted to damage the country.

"They (Russia) lost the war, and they want to do something so they don't lose," Oleg Ignatov, a Moscow-based Crisis Group researcher, explained to Al Jazeera.

"I think the core problem is that they lack personnel on the ground, they don't have enough soldiers to attack Ukraine, or even make protection of the occupied territories. They want to close the inequality with Ukraine and that's why they say deployment."

Because of the urgency of the troops in recent times, the Russian military had to find additional soldiers from other places.

As for based on Google Trends data, moments before Putin's information, the question of 'how to leave Russia' rose in the crawler machine, like the question 'how to break the arm yourself'.

In fact, on Wednesday, all flights to Istanbul and most flights to Yerevan were sold out.

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