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Traveling With Cats, This Man Managed to Visit Many Countries

Friendships between animals and humans are not the first time they have happened. Out there are some unique stories that are interesting to those who have dependence on their pets, for example, this one man.

The man his name is Albert Colominas, this shows if love is universal. Not only to humans, we can also give affection to other creatures, namely pets.

If other cat lovers love cats just give them proper food or home, Albert has exceeded this and chooses to take his cat on a trip to watch the beauty of the world. Together with her cat, named Mia, she has also visited many countries, as quoted by

The man from New York, United States (USA) has traveled to various places, both by plane, ship, and car. Albert has traveled to Mexico, Arizona, Greece, and Pirenia--a mountain range in Europe--.

Throughout the trip, Albert admits that Mia is an obedient cat and is not difficult to manage. That's because he trained Mia throughout the journey with her.

The man, who as a senior brand manager at Barcelona, admits to teaching Mia a few tricks, such as sitting, rolling, waiting for food, and jumping onto her shoulders or through her arms.

Initially Adopted Cats

Albert said that at the beginning, in the end, the adoption of Mia, a cat from the Bengal breed who is now two years old.

At that time, Albert was on a condition that did not give benefits. Until he finally decided to move to the United States.

"I moved to the U.S. because my life was pretty awful. My father died, my lover passed me away, many tasks, and COVID-19 happened. It all happened at a time," Albert remembered.

At that time, Albert admitted that he hadn't thought of traveling. Because, when you think about it, at that time he was in a difficult situation.

"I live in a small apartment near Manhattan, and I think, I'm free falling down. I needed to do something, so I chose to give a cat," she said.

When deciding to teach a cat, Albert must also accept the bitter reality if he is allergic to cats. Despite being allergic to cats, Albert still chose to treat the cat beforehand after consulting a doctor.

The doctor explained that he could still ride it, but the cat was a kind of bengal. Because, the cat breed apparently does not cause allergic reactions aka hypoallergenics.

Albert eventually contacted the cat's adoption site and six weeks later he adopted a cat called Mia Wallace, a fictional character played by artist Uma Thurman, in Quentin Tarantino's 1994 film Pulp Fiction.

Afterwards, they chose to travel when COVID-19 began to wane in the summer of 2020.

Not An Ordinary Traveling Trip

Interestingly, Albert explained that his trip with Mia was not an ordinary traveling trip. On his social media account @outdoorbengal, Albert apparently wants to help some cat owners to be able to talk to their pets.

"It's all about helping people understand the natural character of their cats and helping people give cats the freedom they see, without forcing them too much," she said.

Not only that, Albert shared some of his traveling moments and info on keeping a cat right and good.

"I thought, he certainly enjoyed this, and little by little I started to move his limits and watch how far we could go," he said.

Until now, Albert has visited many places in the world, starting from Arizona, New Mexico to the Virgin Islands. He plans to always take Mia on trips around the world, and shows that cat lovers can take their pets on exploration, just like dog lovers.

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