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Russia Claims To Seize Soledar Mining Town In Eastern Ukraine

Ukrainian authorities say Russia is getting closer to taking control of Soledar City in eastern Ukraine in a relentless 24-hour fight at the latest, Thursday (12/1). But the Kremlin's victory to seize the salt mining town engulfed more than 100 Russian soldiers.

The claim regarding the Russian victory was said to be the owner of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin. He claimed that his faction occupied Soledar City. The Wagner Group is a paramilitary line that Russia used in its invasion of Ukraine.

The governor of Donetsk Ukraine, Pavlo Kyrylenko, gave a report that Russian military forces used missiles to bombard Soledar City 91 times. They opened fire on other towns and hamlets around the area

"The Russians are really risking their own soldiers, burning everything in their path," Kyrylenko said just as taken from Al Jazeera.

"Civil society is trying to survive in the midst of bloodshed as Russia suppresses their onslaught," he continued.

The fall of Soledar City was a victory for the Kremlin, especially after losing Kherson City in a retaliatory onslaught that Ukraine had already made. The city of Soledar could be a stepping stone for Russia to control other regions of the eastern Donetsk Province, especially the most vital Bakhmut City.

The tactic that the Russians had already carried out in the onslaught of Soledar City was to send a wave or two of soldiers directly. Generally from the Russian troops came from the Wagner Group.

When the Ukrainian military struggled against it, Russia sent another wave of soldiers who were used to it like paratroopers or other special forces.

Russian response

In line with the Wagner Group, the Russian Defense Ministry made sure to have seized full control of Soledar.

In that regard, Kremlin Jubir Dmitry Peskov praised the brave treatment of Russian military forces who helped fight for Soledar City. But, Peskov was lazy to touch regarding russia's success in occupying the City of Soledar. According to him, it is still too early to claim the victory.

"There's a lot that needs to be done and it's too early to stop and rub our hands, the specific task still remains in advance," Peskov said.

In the military bodies of Russia itself, already implemented several transitions and replacement of personnel. Ukrainian officials view the replacement of personnel, especially at the top level, as evidence that Russia has not succeeded in achieving the expected direction.

"Personnel replacement cannot happen with such frequency if they are doing well," said senior Ukrainian military official Brigadier General Oleksiy Hromov.

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