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Putin Orders Ukrainian War Documentary Filming, Containing Heroic Stories of Russian Soldiers

Russian President Vladimir Putin created new propaganda regarding the war taking place in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin asked his corps for the production of a documentary regarding special military operations driven in neighboring countries.

He imposed a momentary deadline and determined the content of the film that was about to appear in the Russian cinema.

Quoted by The Moscow Times, Vladimir Putin on Tuesday (3/1/2023), asked his corps to ensure that the screening of the war-related documentary in theaters, could begin in February.

As for the special documentary, it was intended for Ukrainian aggression and the war challenging 'neo-Nazi' ideology.

In a legal statement, the Kremlin explained that the Ministry of Culture has until February 1 to carry out the order.

As encountered, Putin shocked the world by sending troops to Ukraine on February 24, 2022, by explaining the country needs to be carried out 'demilitarization' and 'de-Nazification'.

Now, Putin is ordering the Defense Ministry to provide funding for Russian filmmakers who want to produce the documentary.

Using the legitimate term for the onslaught, the Kremlin claimed the documentary contained narratives of the heroism of some participants in special military operations.

In this regard, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has been ordered to report to the president by March 1.

For info, since the start of Moscow's military campaign, state tv streams have spurred propaganda to praise Russian troops fighting in Ukraine as heroes.

Self-media stores have been canceled or even closed in Russia, until many journalists leave the country.

Critics of offensive treatment in Ukraine could be sentenced to prison, while sentences such as 'war' and 'invasion' were banned.

Initially, Putin had shown his appreciation for some Russian soldiers giving New Year's speeches from the base of Russian military forces.

Taken from rt, but on Saturday (12/31/2022), in his speech, Putin focused on reviewing special military operations in Ukraine.

He explained how the Russian army and society had already shown courage in difficult times.

"Russian soldiers, militias and volunteers are striving for our homeland, for justice and truth, to ensure Russian peace and security," Putin said.

"They are heroes to us. Their burden is the heaviest today. With all my heart, I wish all the participants a Happy New Year in special military operations."

Putin also brought up how Russia has taken important steps to achieve Russia's full sovereignty.

In his speech, Putin said what he did was aimed at creating civil society protections that have historically existed in Russian territory.

In addition, Putin explained how several western countries have worked together to attack Russia.

"Russia has been living under threat since the incident in Crimea in 2014. But this year, a desperate threat war has already been made public on us," Putin said.

"The mastermind is behind him wanting our industrial, financial and transportation fields to collapse. It doesn't exist," he insisted.

Putin Still Thinks Ukraine Brothers

Previously reported, Putin viewed Ukraine as Russia's sister country.

Taken from the BBC, this was said by Putin when delivering a speech to several senior Russian military officials, Wednesday (12/21/2022).

According to Putin, disputes in Ukraine arose due to the whims of the 3rd state .

Putin pointed out that some western countries are already influencing some of the soviet union's splinter states.

"Throughout the year, we tried to make a good neighborly relationship with Ukraine, offering debt and cheap energy, but it failed," Putin said.

Putin brought up how the development of some western countries through NATO was a real terror for Russian sovereignty.

Putin continued, until now he still views Ukrainian society as its own brother.

"What's happening now is a disaster, but it's not our fault," Putin said.

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