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Portrait of Eastern Ukraine Devastated By Russian Mercenaries Wagner Group

Satellite photo of Eastern Ukraine crushed by Russian mercenaries Group Wagner.

The onslaught of land and air backed by Russian mercenaries Group Wagner has damaged the salt mining town or the soledar city mentioned.

It said several thousand bomb craters had penetrated gardens in eastern Bakhmut and schools and agricultural warehouses had been left with some charred remains at the site of the hottest fight in the war in Ukraine.

New satellite imagery taken by Maxar from January 3 to 10, 2023 shows adjacent buildings, gardens and roads completely crushed by bombs in Bakhmut, Eastern Ukraine.

The aerial panorama of the area taken before the continuation of the Russian military onslaught shows lush green agriculture, as quoted by the AP, Thursday (12/1/2023).

Other images show some civilian buildings such as schools and farm sheds that were hollowed out by some Russian onslaught and framed and surrounded by ashes.

Several hundred homes and schools were already destroyed due to months of fighting and artillery transitions among the attacking Russian forces and the counterattack of the Ukrainian army.

The city of Soledar was claimed to have been taken by the head of the Russian mercenary line Group Wagner, Wednesday (11/1/2023).

Within weeks the people of the area saw an exciting fight between the two sides.

"I want to confirm the full release and cleanup of the Soledar area," said Group chief Wagner Yevgeny Prigozhin.

He added that his troops had killed about 500 Ukrainian soldiers after an exciting fight.

"All cities are covered with the bodies of Ukrainian soldiers," he said.

President Volodymyr Zelensky has not confirmed the Russian claim and insulted Wagner's confession.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin explained that he could not be sure that Soledar City had fallen into Russian hands.

Recent intelligence reports from some of the experts overseeing the war say Russia's claim to have seized Soledar City is likely to be grossly wrong.

With arguments, Wagner's mercenaries still face stiff resistance from the Ukrainian army.

The majority of Russian forces have been trying to gain tactical gains in the Soledar area for several months with huge human and artillery resources.

Russia's claims regarding the Wagner Group and Russia's conservative military operations in the Soledar area illustrate claims recent Russian tactical developments popular in Ukraine, Ukrainian intelligence said.

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