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Warning to Russia, Ukraine Rises from Apocalypse, U.S. To Send Patriot Air Defense

Russia responded to the idea of the United States (US) wanting to supply Ukraine with the Patriot missile defense mechanism. Russia cited the idea of transporting the Patriot missile defense mechanism to Ukraine as incitement.

Moscow pointed to the idea as Washington's growing participation in the war in Ukraine, as quoted by Reuters, Sunday (12/18/2022).

Initially, Russia warned, U.S.-supplied military equipment could be a shaky target for Russia's missile strike.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova explained Moscow referenced Washington to draw a fitting summary of the memorial.

Previously rumored, US President Joe Biden is likely to announce the idea of transporting a Patriot missile defense mechanism to Ukraine this week.

The Patriot is the most formidable U.S. air defense mechanism, but supplies to Ukraine will be limited.

It is not known how much it will be sent to Ukraine, as quoted by the BBC. After the method just now was agreed, the great air defense mechanism was likely to be delivered in the next few days.

Ukrainian soldiers are trained to wear them at the US Army base in Grafenwoehr, Germany, a lazy top brass named told the BBC.

This important decision claimed that the greatest direct terror now for Ukraine came from the air, not from the ground.

Russia regularly targets Ukraine's critical infrastructure with missiles and drones.

Several thousand Russian soldiers have been encountered, broomsticks from the Crimean Peninsula since February 24, 2022.

They seized the city on the Dnieper River so quickly that many residents explained that if they felt left behind by the Ukrainian military and its rapid withdrawal, leaving the city without an ideal defense.

Now that Russia has withdrawn from Kherson after Ukraine's retaliatory onslaught in the south, residents want to know why Moscow forces can storm the city so easily.

There are fewer questions than answers to this narrative, says Svetlana Shornik, standing in front of her former husband's for the first time as Russia blocked access to the settlements as they occupied the city.

In addition to some of the volunteers who died in the park, about 5 others were killed that day at the nearest roundabout.

The victims' families explained they had been trying for nothing for several months to obtain information from the military and government until they could cover the deaths of their loved ones.

I know a little, says Nadiia Khandusenko, telling me little evidence she knows about the death of her husband, Serhii, who was killed in Lilac Park.

Wiping away tears, Shornik explained to the AP that she believes her ex-husband likely suffered in the final few minutes because an autopsy revealed the 53-year-old retired police officer was shot in the lungs.

The bodies were sprawled on the ground of a bloodied park for 3 days because Russia did not graduate them from being buried, residents said.

They were heroes, Shornik said. They are compactly guarding (the city) with their bare hands, he said.

Ukrainian revival

Basic services are being restored in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, on Saturday (12/17/2022).

The latest wave of Russian air strikes on critical infrastructure initially had an effect on Kyiv.

Quoted from Reuters, Mayor Vitali Klitschko explained that a quarter of Kyiv still remains unheated, but the metro mechanism has returned to play and all residents have reconnected to the water supply in the morning.

"Only about a third of the city still remains without electricity," he said.

"But the precarious outage will be applied to save electricity because the minus of electricity means, he wrote on the Telegram messaging program.

Ukraine's top brass explained Russia fired more than 70 missiles Friday in one of its heaviest series since the Kremlin's aggression on Feb. 24, imposing a nationwide precarious blackout.

Ukraine has successfully returned electricity to nearly six million people in the last 24 hours, President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video speech.

"The task of renewal continued endlessly after the onslaught of terrorists the other day. Certainly, there are many tasks that need to be carried out to establish the mechanism," he said.

"There is a problem with the heat supply. There is a big problem with the water supply," Zelensky said, explaining Kyiv and Vinnytsia and Lviv further west experienced the greatest distress.

Earlier this month, Mayor Kyiv Klitschko had warned of an "apocalypse" scenario for the capital if Russia's air onslaught on infrastructure continued, though he explained there was no need for people to move.

"We're trying and doing everything we can to make sure this doesn't exist," he told Reuters.

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