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Ukraine Is Now Like a U.S.-Owned Weapon That Can Be Thrown Away At Any Time, Here's An Expert Explanation

Russian international rumor expert Fyodor Lukyanov said it was unlikely to want Ukraine to be a neutral country right now.

What's more, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky just visited United States (US) President Joe Biden in Washington.

Taken from rt, Fyodor witnessed, Ukraine is now making a capability with the west pole, especially the US.

Fyodor explained that now there is no difference whether Ukraine will become a member of NATO or may not.

According to Fyodor's analysis, the US would prefer Ukraine not to join NATO because the US can help not have to be wrapped in loyalty.

Contributions made by the U.S. can vary from day to day without having to decide on a specific amount.

Ukraine today is like a U.S. land carrier.

In that case, the US can be happy to strengthen Ukraine's arsenal without the need to fulfill all the wishes of Kiev, who is not a member of NATO.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made his first monumental visit abroad since Russia's aggression.

Zelensky was found to have visited the United States (US) on Wednesday (21/12/2022) in a plan to meet US President Joe Biden in Washington.

His 2nd face-to-face was met with a review of the final problems of the Russian-Ukrainian dispute, counting the peaceful way out.

This was said by the US National Security Council Jubir, John Kirby.

Kirby explained that the US wants to know of course what kind of peace Zelensky will achieve.

It reviewed U.S. efforts to help Zelensky achieve that peace.

But Kirby pointed to the Russian government held by Russian President Vladimir Putin today with no interest in diplomacy.

Responding to the face-to-face between Biden and Zelensky, Russian media, brought up issues related to the US administration that would eventually send patriot weapons.

Patriot is an air defense mechanism that could include the U.S. directly into the dispute between Ukraine and Russia.

Russia has warned that the linkage of NATO personnel in the operationalization of weapons could be a legal target for attack.

Biden himself has often insisted that the U.S. does not participate in the Ukrainian and Russian disputes.

Before the end of this year, the US administration was trying to make a contribution program from the US to Ukraine which reached 45 billion USD.

The Democratic-driven rule received protests from Republicans.

Taken from the BBC, however, the idea of this visit is prone to fail due to security arguments.

A confidential source from the U.S. administration explained that Zelensky was likely to speak before the conference.

Until now there has been no valid verification from the U.S. government regarding this visit.

But U.S. House of Representatives spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi has already signaled that all members of the conference should come in there Wednesday night.

"Ask to come for a concentration that is most particular to democracy," notes Nancy Pelosi.

Initially, Zelensky used to attend several international in-person events via teleconference.

Previously reported, Zelensky had made a sudden visit to the frontline of the toughest war in Bakhmut.

Zelensky gave personality support to several soldiers and immediately divided the awards.

In his upload, the 44-year-old president expressed his pride and gratitude to some of the soldiers who have tried to challenge Russian aggression.

The Ukrainian Presidential Office explained that Zelensky had met and talked with military personnel during a visit to Bakhmut on Tuesday (12/20/2022).

Zelensky divides the award to Ukrainian soldiers who are seen as having been instrumental in defending the country.

"Bakhmut Fortress. People - our people. Never lost by an opponent. Which with his courage, showed if we would persevere and not give what as ours," Zelensky noted on telegram.

"Ukraine is pleased to you. I am pleased with you! Thank you for the courage, strength, and ability shown in fending off the onslaught of opponents."

For info, Bakhmut a city in the east of Ukraine that has been attacked by Russia has been relentlessly attacked all the time.

Before the war, Bakhmut had a population of 70,000-80,000 people, but now it has been reduced to close to 10,000.

As for the entire 300 days of the Russian onslaught, Bakhmut still remains in Ukrainian hands.

This failed Moscow's direction to seize the entire area of the expanding Donetsk and Donbas, some of which have been controlled by Russian proxies since 2014.

But Zelensky explained earlier this month that Russia's efforts to defeat the city had been turned into rubble.

"Some of the invaders actually damaged Bakhmut, the other city of Donbas was replaced by the Russian army into burning rubble," Zelensky said last week.

If Bakhmut is overrun, it destroys the Ukrainian supply line and opens a path for Russian troops to continue advancing in the direction of Kramatorsk and Sloviansk, the so-called Ukrainian special strongholds in the area.

The news is that Russian President Vladimir Putin deployed mercenaries from Wagner's group to take control of the small town.

Reporting from Kyiv, Al Jazeera's Charles Stratford explained Zelensky's visit to Bakhmut meant remembering how fierce the fight at the site was.

This treatment is expected to improve the personality among the Ukrainian troops placed there.

"This is a city that has been fought intensively over the last four or five months," Stratford said.

"We understand that several thousand fighters and soldiers from both sides have already lost their lives in that fight. "

"What happened was trench warfare (there), with close combat in some areas of the city, particularly in the east, and Russia was already using air and heavy artillery as well. "

Zelensky Named Kherson Society

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, visited the newly liberated city of Kherson from the clutches of Russia, Monday (11/14/2022) morning.

He spent 30 minutes in the territory that the Russian troops had just left behind.

Zelensky, accompanied by several aides and soldiers, was seen being surrounded and admired by the people of Kherson.

In a video shared by the Guardian News YouTube channel, Monday (11/14/2022), Zelensky raised his hand at several people who shouted to greet him from the apartment window.

Again the president raised his hand when he heard his name shouted by some of the people who had joined in the square.

At that time, it was as if all the residents of the city spilled over the vast field to listen to Zelensky's speech.

"You watch some people's reactions, I think that's the answer. We're not ready for some people's interest," Zelensky said.

"They are waiting for the Ukrainian army, waiting for all of us. "

Zelensky was right that his troops were initially really wary of re-entering Kherson.

The problem is that he is not as sure as to the recognition of the Russians who have withdrawn their troops.

"Our army is slowly, a few steps to dock all the areas that are temporarily overrun," Zelensky said.

"We're not sure Russia, they're cheating."

Furthermore, as The Guardian points out, Zelensky thanked NATO and other allies for their support in the war challenging Russia.

He said the transportation of high-mobilized artillery rocket mechanisms (Himars) from the US had already created great inequality for Ukraine's war efforts.

"We're working forward. We are ready for peace, peace for all our countries," he concluded.

Adults and children, some moving strollers, joined in the square in front of the administrative building originally occupied by Russian troops.

Some people fly the Ukrainian flag and others fly the flag on their shoulders.

According to Zelensky, it was important for him to take the time to visit Kherson.

This can show support for citizens who are about 8 months old Russian citizens and to show them if they become the Ukrainian side.

Asked by reporters about the idea of Ukrainian troops possibly advancing next, Zelensky simply spoke: "Not Moscow... We are not interested in other regions of the country."

In his official Telegram stream, Zelensky published a series of images from the trip, accompanied by simple messages "Kherson - Ukraine " and "Our hero."

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