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Ukraine Attacks Two Russian Air Bases

Ukraine explained Russia damaged several houses in the southeast and turned off electricity in some regions with the firing of new missiles on Monday (5/12/2022). While Moscow explained, Kiev drones had already attacked two air bases deep in the country's area.

The Russian Defense Ministry explained that Ukrainian drones attacked two air bases in Ryazan and Saratov in south-central Russia. This onslaught killed three soldiers and injured four others, with 2 aircraft destroyed by several pieces of unmanned aircraft when shot down.

Ukraine did not immediately claim responsibility for the onslaught. If that's Kiev's behavior, the attack could be the deepest onslaught in Moscow's heart since the aggression on February 24.

One of the targets of the onslaught in Russia was the Engels air base near the city of Saratov, about 730 km southeast of Moscow. It contained bombers with Russia's vital nuclear forces.

"The Kiev government, in order to disable Russian long-range aircraft, made an attempt to attack with Soviet-made unmanned jet air vehicles over Dyagilevo military airfields, in the Ryazan area, and Engels, in the Saratov area," the Russian Defense Ministry info said.

Russia's Defense Ministry said a drone flying at low altitude was blocked by air defenses and shot down. Death was delivered at the Ryazan base, 185 km southeast of Moscow. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the drone strike was a terrorist treatment aimed at disrupting its long-haul flights.

Kiev forces have shown increased strength to reach Moscow's vital targets far beyond the 1,100km front line in Ukraine's south and east. Saratov has a distance of at least 600 km from the closest area of Ukraine. Russian observers explained on social media that if Ukraine could attack as long as it was within Russia, it could likely be regarding the capital.

"A major onslaught on military structuring mechanisms and related objects of Ukraine's defense complexes, communications centers, energy and military units with high-accuracy weapons based on air and sea," Russia said, describing about 17 selected targets as attacked.

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