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Thousands of Illegal Immigrants of Mexican Origin At El Paso Border in Texas



About 2,400 illegal immigrants passed through the banks of the United States (US) - Mexico in El Paso, Texas, on Sunday evening.

Some U.S. media outlets pointed to Mexican police and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) for helping some people enter the U.S., where they are not detained by the ruling faction.

Video excerpts taken with a reporter show 'more than 1,000 illegal immigrants passing through the Rio Grande to El Paso.

The journalist visualised the crowd as 'the largest single group we had seen'.

Taken from the Russia Today website, Tuesday (12/13/2022), figures released by the El Paso authority on Monday the other day said that at this crossing point alone, 2,399 migrants were encountered by Customs and Bank Protection agents in the first 24 hours.

While 5,105 were detained in the Texas city on Monday the other day, and 1,178 were released into the U.S. that day.

El Paso is a well-known crossing point for some migrants, based on Texas city statistics, 70% of whom come from Venezuela.

Neither El Paso nor CBP's authority has dampened some of these migrants, and once they are processed, they are then free to travel in the U.S., as long as they come to court in the future.

The average wait for that court date now stands at 785 days, and some migrants in some jurisdictions are free to stay in the U.S. for up to 25 years until their cases are finally heard.

The regulation is known as 'Catch and Release', and was re-implemented by US President Joe Biden throughout the week he first held.

And former President Donald Trump had already rescinded the rules of the era of 44th US President Barack Obama in 2017 and applied the 'Stay in Mexico' regulations 2 years after that.

Some migrants who requested asylum were deported to Mexico to await court hearings.

The number of illegal immigrants who have entered the U.S. has reached a record during Biden's tenure.

CBP wrote more than 2.three million face-to-face in-person across the Mexican bank throughout the 2022 financial year, up from 458,000 in 2020.

In that time, a separate video published by the journalist was calculated to show Mexican police vehicles guarding buses containing migrants to Ciudad Juarez, next to Mexico from the El Paso crossing.

NGOs were further calculated to accept some migrants, the last time they entered the U.S.

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