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Serbia-Kosovo on the Brink of War, Gunshots Begin to Be Heard in Kosovo

Serbia and Kosovo are back at war level as the war increases in the northern area of Kosovo occupied by mostly ethnic Serbs.

The Russian government is worried about changes in Kosovo, which is warming up because of the fallacy of Kosovo's ethnic Albanian authority and their western sponsorship.

The allegations were said to be russian Foreign Ministry jubir, Maria Zakharova. According to him, Kosovo's ruler in Pristina instigated the state of affairs over the support of the US and the European Union.

The violence has ethnic motives targeting serbs in the segregated province and seeking accession to the European Union.

First Minister Albin Kurti attempted to change the attention of unsuccessful local regulations by playing with fire, spurring Serbophobia hysteria.

"Kurti is increasing the difficulty of approaching the dispute of carrying weapons," said Zakharova, monday (12/12/2022).

Only the patience of the Serbian people in place and the Belgrade government can withstand open violence.

"We stand in company with the Serbian leadership," Zakharova said, giving support to Belgrade's status.

Kosovo Albania and the west according to Zakharova cynically downplayed UN Security Council Resolution 1244, the Brussels and Washington deal.

A UN resolution stipulates NATO's arrival in the province after the 1999 bombing of Serbia, while the 2013 Brussels deal considers autonomy for extant ethnic Serbs.

UNSCR 1244 clearly arranged for Serbia to send its security forces to the province.

Zakharova exclusively mentioned the recognition of German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock who called the laying of the Serbian army completely unacceptable.

Serbia denounced the German foreign minister's recognition as illogical.

"We will continue to help Belgrade defend the shah national needs with regard to Kosovo under UNSCR 1244, which still remains in force without exception," Zakharova said.

Instead of pressuring ethnic Albanians to abide by the signed deal, the US and EU have frankly sabotaged the Brussels document, while tending to choose the cruel practice of threatening and blaming Kosovo's Serbia.

Last month, Brussels and Washington successfully wooed Pristina to thwart her idea of banning Serbian license plates.

The relative comfort of running was less than 2 weeks, the moment before kosovo police of ethnic Albanians were issued in areas of most of Serbia.

First the Serbian Minister claimed his country was at war level with Kosovo because of the treatment of the First Minister of Kosovo and the inaction of the European Union.

Explosions and shooting sounds were heard again in the area that proclaimed independence apart from Belgrade.

Another escalation in the north of Kosovo began on December 10 following the detention of former Serbian policeman Dejan Pantic by Kosovo's law enforcement agencies.

The ruling faction charged Pantic with terrorism, explaining that he was charged with assaulting Kosovo police officers along with members of the criminal ranks.

After his arrest, Serbian demonstrators, who wanted to withhold his transfer to Pristina, built barricades in the north of Kosovo.

The barricades blocked the highway through two special bank crossings into Serbia.

At the same time, Kosovo police blocked the entrance from their faction to the Yarine checkpoint. Shooting in a number of settlements.

EU Special Vision Forces (EULEX) and NATO (KFOR) are already arriving at the crossing in northern Kosovo.

Belgrade claims it will weigh the mobilization of Serbian army and police forces to Kosovo, the same as per UN Security Council resolutions.

If agreed, this is likely the first wish of Belgrade since the end of the 1998-1999 war.

The situation in the area is compounded by a recently publicized decision by the unconsidered republic to apply for EU membership by the end of 2022.

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