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Some Fans Experience Depression After Watching the Avatar Movie, What Causes It?

A great dish of artistic creation, whether it's in the form of a painting, dance, or movie, can play with the emotions of its connoisseurs. You may be reminded of art creations that make you happy, confused, or tearful because of empathy or sentimental emotions.

Photo of the movie scene of Avatar: The Way of Water.

This is not an unintentional condition of seeing art creations. According to the University of Vienna, the main factor of seeing art creations is to bring emotions to life. From some philosophical thinking, the actual value, or understanding of art can be established by how successfully the creation attracts the viewer's emotions.

Based on that, movies can also have interesting effects in the body that are likely related to how we perceive emotions. For example, the heart rate can be different according to the storyline of the movie. Furthermore, the audience's heartbeat likely begins to match, requiring such a shared experience in interconnectedness.

Because of this argument, seeing a movie in theaters is likely useful for its overall health. But, emotions that overflow at one point can give birth to emotions that are down. For example, there is a report by The Guardian that viewers of the original film Avatar are naturally in the form of Post-Avatar Depression Syndrome (PADS).

Have you ever experienced Post-Avatar Depression Syndrome? According to The Guardian, Post-Avatar Depression Syndrome (PADS) is not a clinical condition actually, but it is a representative of the stress and suicidal thoughts that viewers have conveyed since seeing the first Avatar movie which was launched in 2009.

Interestingly, some people even gave a natural report of PADS after seeing the film many years after that. Some people feel that the reality of the contemporary world, where we are often left out of the natural environment and unhappy with contemporary lifestyles, really contrasts with the greater beauty of the life they feel in the cinema.

To find information, New York psychologist Stephan Quentzel, writes that the real world cannot be as perfect or good as in movies, which can make reality feel more ngenes. "Like Avatar fans, some Star Wars fans report feeling stressed after seeing the movie," Quentzel said.

Quoted from Health Digest, Wednesday (21/12/2022), neuroscientist Erin Falconer explained that high levels of anticipation result in the release of dopamine in the brain. The problem of the continuation of dopamine attacks can result in state stress, which according to medical psychiatrist John Mayer is related to certain causes of depression.

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