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Russian Military Again Attacks Ukraine, Unmanned Aircraft Destroy Bakhmut and Odesa Cities

Russian military again attacks Ukraine, Bakhmut and Odesa cities devastated.

As far as Saturday (10/12/2022) to Sunday (11/12/2022), the Russian military again bombarded cities in the eastern regions of Ukraine.

The onslaught resulted in collapses in some of those cities.

Meanwhile, in Odesa City, the onslaught of Russian drones has resulted in deep darkness.

About 1.five million people have no energy source this winter.

Some invaders completely damaged Bakhmut, destroying the city. For a long time, no houses remained on the lands of Bakhmut, Soledar, Maryinka, Kreminna, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a speech Saturday night.

Ukrainian officials explained that Russia uses drones to attack energy facilities and make all infrastructure in Ukraine's southern dock city of Odesa without electricity since Saturday (10/12/2022).

Ukraine's now-defunct Odesa makes the majority of the area around it concerning.

Via Facebook, Odesa Mayor Gennadiy Trukhanov explained that Ukraine's Odesa has now been cut off from electricity.

"... The damage ratio, all users in Odesa except the crisis infrastructure have been cut off from electricity," Trukhanov noted on Facebook.

Odesa is the largest dock town in Ukraine, which has a community of more than 1.five million people, before the Russian aggression on (2/24/2022).

The on-site government through a confession uploaded on the Telegram program revealed that the Russian onslaught had hit the transmission lane and special equipment in the Odesa area on Saturday (10/12/2022).

The governor of the Odesa area, Maksym Marchenko, explained that Russia uses kamikaze drones, which are fired directly at targets rather than firing ammunition, and there are 2 that have been shot down over the Black Sea.

"Due to the onslaught, there is no electricity in most areas and communes in our area," Marchenko noted on Telegram, as quoted from CNA, Sunday (11/12/2022).

Since last October, Moscow has targeted Ukraine's energy infrastructure with a large wave of missiles and unmanned aircraft.

Because of the onslaught, Kyiv admits that every hydroelectric power station in Ukraine has been destroyed.

Ukraine explained that the onslaught was a war crime, because the effect was completely damaging to the lives of civilians.

In that regard, the Moscow faction claimed that its onslaught into Ukraine was militarily shrewd.

Odesa's Black Sea Pier was a favorite holiday destination for some Ukrainians and Russians before the war broke out in February.

Maksym Marchenko, governor of the Odesa region, explained Russia had already attacked the city with a "Kamikaze drone" inside last night.

"Two drones were shot down by a Ukrainian air defense unit," Marchenko said.

The Russian military fired several dozen cruise missiles into special infrastructure in Ukraine.

This adds emphasis to the country's network that has been stirred up after repeated onslaughts.

Russia began targeting Ukraine's infrastructure throughout the timid military defeat.

Last Thursday, President Vladimir Putin pledged to always break Ukraine's energy network despite international protests on an onslaught that has plunged millions of millions of civilians into cold and darkness.

Pentagoen Allows Ukraine to Launch Long-Range Onslaught

Meanwhile, the Pentagon is said to now support Ukraine's idea of issuing a remote onslaught to remote targets within Russia, The Times reports.

According to The Times, the United States (US) is already openly taking a stand to move Ukraine into attack beyond its borders.

Today it is possible to supply Kiev with long-range weapons for a long attack on Russia.

An anonymous US defense source explained to The Times that fears of escalation have been different since the beginning.

"It's different right now. This is because the calculus of war is already different as a result due to the misery and brutality that Ukrainians feel by Russia," The Times noted as taken from Insider, Sunday (11/12/2022).

The Times in its report said concerns if Russia would smooth out a tactical nuclear onslaught or attack on NATO members adjacent to Russia had diminished in U.S. military planning groups.

Initially the BBC gave a report Washington did not want to be seen to move Ukraine to attack in Russia.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken explained: "We did not mobilize or allow him Ukraine to attack within Russia."

But, a separate US military source explained to The Times: "We did not explain to Kiev, 'Do not attack Russia (in Russia or Crimea).' "We can't tell them what needs to be implemented. It's up to them how they wear their weapons. But when they use the weapons we give, one of the things we insist on is if the Ukrainian military abides by the laws of international war and for the Geneva pact."

On Sunday, Ukraine was believed to have fired its own unmanned aircraft deep into Russian areas. One of the targets was the Engels-2 air base in Saratov Oblast in southern Russia, a base for Tu-95 and Tu-160 long-range bombers, which had a distance of nearly 400 miles from the Ukrainian bank.

Another explosion that day occurred at Dyagilevo air base, just southeast of Moscow. The 2 incidents killed and injured several people and destroyed several aircraft.

The Times gave the impression that the US could supply Ukraine with high-tech long-range weapons, including missile launchers and drones carrying heavy weapons. "There's nothing wrong," said a senior U.S. defense official, per The Times.

Initially, President Vladimir Putin had warned that the US would "go through restrictions" if they supplied Ukraine with long-range missiles.

This warning was clarified by the jubir of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. "If Washington chooses to supply long-range missiles to Kiev, it will therefore go through the red line and could be a direct faction in the dispute," he said.

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