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Putin Makes Sure He Won't Shoot Nuclear First: We're Not Crazy


Russian President Vladimir Putin explained that while the terror of nuclear war is on the rise, he made it clear that Russia is not allowed to use its nuclear weapons first.

Putin insists nuclear weapons are only used in response to the onslaught.

Russia's ability to use nuclear weapons has been under scrutiny since it invaded Ukraine in February. Russia's concern about using its nuclear weapons has also intensified alongside the road war.

"Such terror is developing it would be wrong to hide it," Putin said in Russia's annual Human Rights Council face-to-face taken by the BBC on Thursday (8/12).

Furthermore, Putin underscored that Russia in any case does not use its nuclear weapons first. What else is there to give other factions a threat.

"We don't know, we know if it's a nuclear weapon. We don't travel around the world brandishing these weapons like prune knives," Putin said.

Initially, Putin issued a recognition that Russia has the most contemporary and powerful nuclear weapons in the world. He even sees the nuclear weapons that Russia has better than those of the United States.

However, Putin explained that despite having more contemporary and powerful nuclear weapons, Russia does not place its nuclear weapons in other areas as the United States has done.

"We don't have nuclear weapons, tactical ones, in other areas, but America has in Turkey and in some other European countries," he said.

The Long Process of the Russo-Ukrainian War

One more time Putin made it clear in his speech, if Russia's nuclear doctrine only graduates the country from using nuclear weapons for defense arguments.

He seems to know the victory Russia got after invading Ukraine was no longer working. He claimed the war had been a long process.

However, Putin has witnessed meaningful results from aggression since February. Suppose the result of the annexation of the Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Luhansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine.

Putin even explained that this annexation succeeded in making the Sea of Azov, which is adjacent to southeastern Ukraine and southwestern Russia, a Russian marine environment that matched the inspiration of Russian Tsar Peter the Great.

The victory that Putin claimed in one sense did not entirely give Russia complete control over the area. Last November, Russia couldn't help withdrawing its troops from Kherson City. This troop withdrawal was offset by a large air onslaught to energy plants in Ukraine.

As a result the majority of Ukrainian citizens live without electricity and heating in winter conditions. Kiev's mayor, Vitali Klitschko, warned that Ukraine's capital could face an apocalypse after power plants were hit by Russia.

"Kiev is likely to lose electricity, water and heat supply. An apocalypse is likely, as in some Hollywood movies, when it is impossible to stay indoors because of low temperatures," Klitschko said in a Reuters takeaway.

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