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Punishment for Muslims For Refusing To Convert To Christianity During The Fall Of Spanish Granada

The story of the fall of Spanish Granada, left in the dark history of Islamic civilization.

The Crusades identified a new wave of migration in the Islamic world. In 1095, the Byzantine Emperor Alexios I, requested the contribution of Pope Urban II in Rome to challenge the Seljuk army on the Anatolian Peninsula.

In front of the people of Rome and some nobles, the Pope responded with an invitation to the Crusades. The Christians went to retake Yerussalem.

One after another Islamic fiefdoms were successfully defeated. The political and spiritual stability of Muslims was shaken. Muslim factions in areas controlled by the Crusaders sought refuge in other areas.

Since then, the lives of Muslims have never returned to the same. Europe continues to be a shadow in several Islamic countries, especially the Middle East.

The narrative becomes different when the Christian faction begins to reclaim areas controlled by Muslims. At the end of the 13th era, one Muslim leader after another in Andalusia began to venture into Christian rule.

The marriage between Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabelle of Castille in 1469 became the death knell for Islamic rule in Spain.

The marriage made one or two of the same Christian kingdoms want the liberation of Spain from the Muslim faction. In 1492, Sultan Muhammad Abu Abdullah was forced to give Granada and leave the fort one last time.

Philips K Hitti in the History of the Arabs stated that the Spanish Muslim faction, which Moriscos hereinafter mentioned, was subjected to forced alteration under the rule of King Ferdinand.

Some who denied alteration were killed or kicked from the city. As early as 1501, a royal decree was issued that instructed all Muslims in Castille and Leon to either take Christianity, or else they would need to leave Spain. In 1526, the Muslim faction of Aragon faced the same option.

The most recent expulsion order was signed by Philips III in 1609, which led to the forced deportation of en masse of most Muslims in mainland Spain.

About 1/2 million Muslims experienced expulsion and landing on several African coasts, or going to sea towards the farther plains of Islam.

"Between the collapse of Granada to the first decade of the 17th era, it is predicted that around 3 million Muslims were banished or punished," philips K Hitti wrote.

This is to be continued in the contemporary period. Post-World War I, Israeli Zionists jointly migrated to Palestine. The UK provides support and provides that migration facility.

The Palestinian Muslim community is further depressed. In 1948, Israel proclaimed independence which led to the outbreak of the Arab-Israeli War I. This war ended with defeat on the Arab side.

The UN noted that the number of Palestinian refugees in the war reached 711 thousand people. They could not return to the courtyard village that had been claimed as Israeli territory.

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