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NASA Satellite: Russia Has Harvested Ukrainian Wheat Worth 1 Billion U.S. Dollars

 Ukraine has already lost as much as one billion U.S. dollars from wheat commodities harvested in Russian-controlled areas. Based on research using satellite imagery from NASA's food and agricultural security programs.

As quoted from the Bloomberg website, Sunday (4/12/2022) the analytics gave a description of what is happening in the citizenry area, the info is strictly controlled. It uses a machine evaluation mode that knows the switching of structure and color based on a series of satellite imagery times to hide crops that have been harvested or left unharvested.

Nearly 6 million tons of wheat were collected from non-existent territory under Ukrainian control, according to NASA Harvest. About 88% of winter crops planted in citizen territories are harvested, and the majority of non-harvested areas exist as far as the front line.

This research raises questions about what happens to the plant. Some Russian ships have exported some of the grain that is likely to be taken from the occupied territories to several countries including Libya and Iran, but it is difficult to predict the volume participating because the shippers hide the origin of the expedition.

Russia opposed taking some grain, but some bigwigs publicly echoed the resumption of transporting some grain from the occupied docks.

Ukraine is a specialized wheat exporter and its dock blockade after Russian aggression sent prices up, has the potential to make the infiltration of some grains more profitable. An agreement that allowed Ukraine to continue exports helped ease the price of some grains, but it was still historically high.

Nearly a quarter of Ukrainian wheat is grown on land claimed to have been annexed by Russia, although some of that area is controlled by Ukraine. NASA Harvest predicts it as wheat and so far countless other crops or foodstuffs have been placed in warehouses. The findings do not show what happens to the crop after it is harvested.

NASA's Harvest Team calculates that if farmers pick 26.six million tons of wheat this year in Ukraine, a few million tons more than the other most important prediction.

Ukrainian agricultural giant HarvEast explained that all the winter crops grown on its land in the Donetsk region were already assembled by the troops of Russian citizens in the heat of this season.

HarvEast CEO Dmitry Skornyakov explained that this year, winter wheat gives very high yields in this area due to the weather conditions that provide support. "Everything harvested in our gardens is abducted and exported from Ukraine," he said.

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