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NASA Artemis 1 Moon Mission Success, Safely Landing Probes


The vision of NASA's initial return to the Moon was a success. Artemis 1, which accelerated on October 16, 2022, successfully performed its task to circumnavigate the Moon's orbit and land to Earth safely.

Artemis 1 is NASA's vision that has a long-term direction for the return of human arrivals on the Moon, Earth's natural satellite.

The vision journey of Artemis 1 was carried out with the contribution of the giant rocket Space Launch System (SLS). The rocket carried the means of the Orion spacecraft circling the Moon and back again to Earth.

Artemis 1 is a test drive or experimental vision, with rockets and astronaut carriers (Orion) tested before taking humans to vision of the Moon. Then no human being was brought on this vision of experimentation times.

"With Orion returning safely to Earth, we begin to be able to witness the next vision on the horizon of wanting to fly the crew to the Moon for the first time as a side of the next age of exploitation," said Jim Free, NASA's relations administrator for, Vision Directorate of Improved Mechanisms and Exploitation.

"This paves our path towards the regular rhythm of vision and the constant arrival of humans on the Moon for scientific discoveries and to prepare human visions to Mars."

Artemis 1 landing

The Orion facility, more precisely the service side of the module that will later be ridden by astronauts, landed in the Pacific Ocean on Sunday (11/12) time on the spot.

Overall, Artemis 1 is confirmed to be a success from smuggling to landing.

"Orion has come from the Moon and is safely back on planet Earth," said Mike Sarafin, vision manager for Artemis I.

"With the splashdown, we've successfully run Orion in a deep space environment, which exceeds our expectations, and shows that Orion can survive in an overwhelming state when it returns through Earth's atmosphere from the Moon's speed."

Speaking of landing issues, when the capsule enters the Earth's atmosphere, the temperature will touch 2,700 degrees Celsius due to friction with the air. The heat shield must dampen that temperature so as not to roast the astronauts inside.

Advance after repeated delays

Artemis 1 experienced repeated suspensions, without mentioning the suspension of the rocket setup deadline.

NASA originally wanted to issue the SLS on August 1, 2022, and the rocket had been taken to the bottom of the slide by then. But due to technical problems, the slide was postponed to September 2022, which subsequently failed to fly back due to the weather and typhoon Ian.

The new SLS can be launched on October 16, 2022 smoothly without any problems.

In a vision that runs 4 weeks, Artemis will pass near (flyby) the orbit of the Moon. All instruments and mechanisms are tested in preparation for future manned vision.

Future astronaut visions

In the future, NASA will issue Artemis 2 and Artemis 3. His 2nd will take astronauts to the Moon.

In Greek mythology, Artemis is the ponakan of Apollo. As the name implies, this program has a direction of returning humans to the Moon, continuing the fame of Apollo.

In contrast to Apollo's vision, Artemis concentrated on long-period visions by creating astronauts' dwellings on the Moon. And study the water content at the moon's poles to make the Moon a visiting post before astronauts continue their further spacewalk, for example, to Mars.

Artemis consists of several visions: Artemis 1, Artemis 2, and Artemis 3. Later there will be many visions of Artemis following back, but now this has not been made public.

Later in Artemis 2 and Artemis 3, Orion will take astronauts to the Moon. The difference is that Artemis 2 will only take astronauts into orbit, while Artemis is the first vision of astronauts setting foot on the moon.

The goal is that Artemis 2 will advance in 2024 and 2025 for Artemis 3. In addition to the special vision that astronauts bring, there are many separate smugglers of sympathizers who want to carry astronaut tools and equipment on the Moon.

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