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Freedom Ship, a Floating City with a Length of 1,317 Meters and There is a Tram in It


Freedom Ship

The big city is on land that is likely to have gotten used to it. But what if the city was made to float and have ideas like a ship.

This idea is in Freedom Ship. Where is the ship as a unique house to occupy. Why? Because, the ship will pass through the same ocean the size is 5 times larger than the Queen Mary's ship.

The size of the Freedom Ship is 1,371 mtr. long, 228 mtr. wide, and 106 mtr. With such a large ship, it is predicted that this ship can carry more than 100 thousand passengers.

Quoted by Unilad, this large ship will provide an unmissable experience for some of its passengers because they will travel around the world through seven seas.

Later, this ship will go from England, through France, the Mediterranean, the African Continent, travel to the Indian Ocean, Australia, China, the Pacific Ocean, and the American Coast.

The ship did not stop for any argument other than to collect provisions that could not be transported by plane and the base of the trigger on its upper deck.

Tourists and ship dwellers can freely arrive and leave via planes that can also land on board, and ferry fleets that want to go to and from the ship to bring people back to land.

Witnessing the great size of the ship, passengers can travel around this ship using the tram mechanism on board.

Passengers and residents alike can find everything they need to fulfill their lives while there, starting from schools, shops, health centers, hospitals, and restaurants.

The ship's capabilities will be divided into 40 thousand permanent residents, 30 thousand visitors every day, 10 thousand hotel guests, and 20 thousand crew members.

For those who want to experience full-time cruise life or become residents there, passengers must buy a housing unit with a panoramic view of the sea which is marketed at a price of nine million pounds or equal to Rp 169 billion.

And for guests who just want to spend the night, they can rent it at a price of around 150 thousand pounds or equal to Rp. 2.8 billion.

Unfortunately, this ship whose prefix was proposed in the 1990s until recently could not be issued. Because, no idea of construction was decided. Although there have been many companies and investors who are interested in carrying out the construction of this ship.

The original design of this ship was owned by Freedom Cruise Line International.

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