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Biggest Attack, 71 Chinese Military Aircraft Enter Taiwan Air Defense Zone

About 71 Chinese air force aircraft counting fighter jets and drones entered Taiwan's air defense analysis zone in the last 24 hours. Taiwan's Ministry of Defense on Monday (12/26/2022) explained that the onslaught counted 43 Chinese planes that crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait.

Taiwan's legitimate Central Information Office explained that this was the largest onslaught by China's air force. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, speaking at a military ceremony on Monday morning, reiterated the importance of enhancing Taiwan's defense capabilities, due to the continued expansion of authoritarianism. But in her speech, Tsai did not touch on China's recent activities around her region.

"The more preparations we make, the less likely there will be a reckless invasion attempt. The more we blend in, the stronger and safer Taiwan will be," Tsai said.

According to the Ministry of Defense several Chinese aircraft, the majority of which are fighter jets, briefly crossed the median line in the sensitive Taiwan Strait before returning to China. Seven Chinese naval vessels were identified near Taiwan. China's military sent early warning aircraft, electronic warfare and anti-submarine, and drones, to Taiwan's southern air defense analysis zone, or ADIZ. The Defense Ministry report outlined China's activities near Taiwan for 24 hours until Sunday (12/25/2022) around 6 a.m. on the spot.

Taipei has complained of vision many times by the Chinese air force over the past two years. The Chinese military often conducts operations in the southern regions of the ADIZ.

Taiwan sent fighter planes to alert Chinese aircraft. While the missile mechanism supervises their flight. China has increased its diplomatic, military and economic emphasis in recent years in Taiwan.

China claims Taiwan as a side of its sovereign territory. Taiwan, meanwhile, denied China's claim. Taiwan's government made it clear that they want peace but will take care of themselves if attacked.

China confirmed that it has conducted "onslaught exercises" in the seas and airfields around Taiwan on Sunday (12/25/2022). The exercise was in response to incitement from Taiwan. Taiwan explained that the exercise showed that Beijing is undermining regional peace and is trying to threaten the Taiwanese people.

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