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Belarus Now Owns Iskander Ballistic Missiles and S-400 Defense Missile Systems from Russia

Belarus, Russia's closest ally, is currently armed with Iskander ballistic missiles and protected S-400 air defense mechanisms.

President Alexander Lukashenko announced this Belarusian military change, Tuesday (20/12/2022) WIB.

Lukashenko thanked his Russian counterpart, President Vladimir Putin, for sending new weapons just as he promised Moscow.

This day, we've put in place the S-400 mechanism and, most importantly, the Iskander mechanism you gave us, just as you promised six months ago, Lukashenko said next to Putin who traveled to Minsk.

Putin, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, came to Belarus on Monday (12/19/2022).

They had a series of conversations with their comrades regarding economic, military, and energy cooperation.

On the performance of their journalists, the President of Russia said that the 2 countries have created an integrated air defense and warning mechanism, in which the S-400 battery is an important component.

Putiin explained that Belarusian pilots will receive training in wearing special weapons and special ammunition, Lukashenko verified.

I have to explain we are preparing the plane. Apparently, we've had such aircraft since Soviet times, we've tested them in the Russian League, Lukashenko said.

Together with Russia, we are currently training crews who can drive aircraft that can carry this special cargo, Lukashenko continued.

Although no president has used the word nuclear, Putin said NATO introduced the practice decades ago.

This likely leads to U.S. regulation of nuclear shares. In addition to deploying several missiles in a number of NATO countries that do not have their own atomic weapons, the US runs the aircraft with double capability.

Poland's top brass said their willingness to join the program in October, prompting Lukashenko to charge Warsaw with posing a threat to its Belarusian neighbor.

The U.S. State Department responded to Putin's visit to Minsk by accusing Belarus of granting its independence to Russia.

U.S. Foreign Ministry spokesman Ned Price accused Belarus of aiding and abetting Russia in a violent war in Ukraine.

Washington and its allies have already dropped threats on Belarus over the dispute in Ukraine.

Asked if there was a special red line that would make the US view Belarus as a faction in the dispute, Price explained the US would continue to closely monitor Minsk, and seek additional steps to dampen the Lukashenko administration's moves.

Initially, Price showed the U.S. has spent more than $20 billion on contributions to Ukraine since Joe Biden was confirmed president in January 2021.

Washington will continue to send money, weapons and ammunition to Kiev.

Moscow has repeatedly warned the west that the transportation of arms to Ukraine will only prolong the dispute.

Earlier this month, Putin explained the west had de facto turned Ukraine into a colony and used Ukraine as cannon fodder and defiant against Russia.

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