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Argentina's Third Goal in Final Called Illegitimate

Lusail: Argentina's victory over France in the final set of the 2022 World Cup Qatar, Sunday (18/12) was mentioned polemically, in particular Argentina's 3rd goal created by Lionel Messi in the extra time set. What is the basis?

Argentina versus France match at Lusail Stadium, Qatar, the road was quite tense. Argentina had predicted an easy win over Messi (23'pen) and Angel Di Maria (36') gave Argentina a 2-0 lead in the first set.

However, the French did not then surrender. With 10 minutes left in the game, Kylian Mbappe was there as France's saviour through 2 goals which he scored in just 90 seconds (80' and 81'). The match also inevitably continued to the set time of extension or extra time after the 2 teams played a 2-2 draw in normal times.

In the set time of the extension, France again fell behind after Messi scored his 2nd goal after taking advantage of a wild ball from Lautaro Martinez's shot in the 108th minute'. The following goal was subsequently viewed as polemical by some French media.

Not because Messi was in offside or handball status, some French media even highlighted the status of several Argentine substitutes. During the goal process, there were a lot of players on the Argentine bench who were caught on the playing field.

The well-known French media, L'Equipe in its title on Monday (19/12) morning wrote the headline "Why Argentina's 3rd Goal Should Be Cancelled". They showed photographic evidence to substantiate their allegations. "Two emotional substitutes" led to a photo of the Argentine substitute being on the pitch during the goal process.

Messi's goal was initially reviewed by VAR to see if Martinez was in offside status or not. But L'Équipe believes that France should have gained free football because of fouls already committed by some Argentine substitutes.

Leading to the Law of the Games, in paragraph 9 of the football law that issues the sound, "

If, after a goal is created, the referee becomes aware the moment before the game is passed if there is an extra person on the pitch at the time the goal is created: the referee must cancel the goal if the extra person is: a player, a reserve player, a player who is removed from the field or the official team that scored the goal; The game has to start again with free football right from the place where the extra guy is there."

Despite the pros and cons that ensued in that match, France at the end had to concede defeat to Argentina 2-4 on penalties after playing 2-2 in normal times and 3-3 in extra time.

For France, this defeat is really bright. The problem is that they are confirmed to have not managed to equalize the record of Italy and Brazil as the 3rd country to successfully record back to back previous champions after being champions at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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