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Admits Ukraine Is Sent With Increasingly Sophisticated Weapons, Russia Devises Strategy to Cut Off Western State Aid

The Russian government claims that now Ukraine is getting an increasingly powerful contribution of arms from several western countries.

In response to those aids, now Russian military forces are making tactics to cut off the supply lane of western countries' contributions to Ukraine.

Taken from aljazeera, this was said by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in a tv show, Wednesday (28/12/2022).

"We noticed that Ukraine is now receiving better and better western weapons," Lavrov said.

Lavrov explained that some experts in the military have already suggested attacking the lanes or paths of the western country's arms contribution to Ukraine.

Lavrov hopes that the contribution of weapons from western countries to Ukraine can be stopped.

One of several strategies that have been implemented by Russia, one of which is to destroy Ukraine's infrastructure such as energy sources.

Lavrov emphasized that Russia will succeed in achieving its meaning because of its patience and perseverance.

Lavrov said Russia is in no hurry to achieve its intentions on the battlefield.

"We're patient people. We will create the protection of our comrades, citizens and places that have been owned by Russia since hundreds of years ago," he said.

On the tv show, Lavrov prioritized if Russia wanted to release Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia from the impact of Nazi Ukraine.

It has been 10 months since the dispute between Ukraine and Russia has been running since February 24, 2022.

In the dispute, which ran for almost a year, a total of 6,884 civilians died in disputes.

Taken from aljazeera, this data was said by the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the Office of the Federation of Nations (UN).

From February 24, 2022 to December 26, 2022, a total of 17,831 civilians were victims of war.

Here are the details of the 6,884 civilians who died in the dispute:

- 2,719 men

- 1,832 women

- 391 teenagers

- 38 Children

- 1,904 undetected adult bodies

The most casualties and some injuries came from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

While that figure has been high, the UN says it is likely that the number of casualties on the ground is higher because there is an interval in reports from the ground.

Just in the calculation of days, 2023 will be as soon as it arrives.

But the dispute between Ukraine and Russia does not yet know when it will end.

Taken from the BBC, the expert has an opinion figure as the final interpreter of this dispute is not Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This argument was said by a war studies expert, from King College London, Barbara Zanchetta.

Barbara explained that initially the trigger for the dispute in Ukraine for too long was caused by Putin who did not expect Ukraine to give a tough resistance.

Putin also did not predict that Ukraine would get a lot of contributions from several other countries.

Now that the dispute is in the winter moments, Ukraine will feel the impact of the destruction of infrastructure throughout the war.

But the morale of some Ukrainian soldiers is believed to continue to be high.

Barbara highlighted there was no desire for peace talks between Ukraine and Russia.

The two parties are still the same kekeh keeping their attitude on the issue of disputes.

Barbara said that the end of the dispute in Ukraine will instead be set by the political elite in the Russian government.

When the local state of Russian politics is different therefore there is a chance that the dispute between Russia and Ukraine will also be over.

Even so, before that scenario occurs, Ukraine must also be able to survive and hope that the contributions of some western countries continue to go.

Barbara believes that until 2023 the dispute will continue.

Russia Now Mentioned Surviving Concentration

Most of the Russian military forces that have a conflict challenging Ukraine are currently said to be concentrating on staying on the front lines.

This info was disclosed by the British Ministry of Defence.

Drawn from aljazeera, the British defence ministry told how Russian military forces are now bothering to strengthen their defensive status from the onslaught of Ukrainian soldiers.

The British Ministry of Defense explained that this defensive status has been implemented since October 2022.

According to the British Ministry of Defense, this defensive status includes anti-tank and anti-human landmine expansion efforts.

Even so, the British Ministry of Defense viewed the Russian army's efforts to plant mines as inefficient due to the lack of troops to help monitor the place where mines were planted.

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