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77 Years Ago the Korean Peninsula Broke In Two, South Korea and North Korea

This day December 27, 77 years ago was celebrated as the day of the division of the Korean peninsula into two, namely the South and North sides. that's what spurred the breakup of the Korean state in half. Here's a flashback regarding the background to the ongoing split between the two countries.

Actually, Korea used to be a single political substance for hundreds of years that controlled the Korean Peninsula and beyond. so what resulted in South Korea and North Korea being separated? The division of the Korean Peninsula plains dates back to japan's defeat in world war II in 1945. The two champion superpowers, the Allies and the Soviet Union, shared power over the Korean Peninsula.

Korea was split in two separated by a bank now known as the DMZ or Demilitarized Zone - the 38th northern parallel following an agreement with the UN.

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America and the Soviet Union replaced the Korean state with 2 sides and intended to prepare for the 2nd independence of this area. The Korean Peninsula the southern regions were controlled by the United States and in the northern regions were controlled by the Soviet Union. The Americans helped the military building mechanism in the south. And, the Soviet Union made a large communist government in the northern regions.

The United Nations (Federation of Nations) then voted to determine Korea's sovereignty in 1948.

But at that time, the Soviet Union refused to participate and shortly thereafter made the southern regions create its own government centralized in Seoul City. The southern region liberated itself and was held by Syngman Rhee.

In the end, the northern regions did not want to lose and created its own state mechanism held by Kim Il Sung as First Minister, centered in Pyongyang.

This became a national issue that spurred the civil war, namely, the Korean War (June 25, 1950 - July 27, 1953). About 2.five million people were victims of the atrocities of the war. The Korean plain is razed to the ground, no city still exists. A truce to end the dispute occurred in 1953, with two countries increasingly divided.

The war kept Korea separated by the Korean Demilitarized Zone, which remained of the Cold War. And as of now no peace deal has been signed by the 2 factions which ultimately leaves these 2 countries in a status still at war.

This is also an argument for why every man in South Korea is required to undergo military service as a way of anticipating if war resumes.

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