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6 Natural Phenomena That Cannot Be Explained Scientifically, Why?

 Man tends to ask everything and try to find the answer. However, it is not always easy to find that answer. It can be proven from several natural events that are still a question mark for researchers.

Releasing from a variety of sources, here are seven natural events that cannot be explained scientifically until now. More or less how complex, sich?

1. The stone split in half in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has such an alluring desert beauty. Counting the Tayma Desert which is in the middle between Medina and Duma. There, there is an unrecognized mister named Al Naslaa.

Releasing from the Arabian Rock Art Heritage site, Al Naslaa as a stone has the most unique large size because she looks like split in half with a really neat and upright plate. It was as if the cleavage was like being slashed by a sword. In fact, the piece is as prime as the laser cut.

Not only that, the 2 split stones each have a small stone-shaped support at the bottom. This illustrates a scheme that is unique enough to make some researchers or archaeologists ask questions until they have not found the answer scientifically.

2. The mumbled voice in New Mexico mentioned The Taos Hum

A city in New Mexico, called Taos, is still overwhelmed by the shock felt by the majority of citizens. How not, mumbling sounds or hums with low frequency have often been heard since their existence in the 1990s.

Based on the interim report, the murmur sounded almost like a hiss. Some penelit sought to dredge deeper into the natural event. However, no answer has been found. In fact, the mumbling voice actually began to appear a lot in a number of other places such as, the United States, Canada and others.

3. Walking rocks in California

Logically speaking, inanimate objects are unlikely to be able to move on their own. However, natural events or phenomena have actually occurred in a region of California since the 1900s, where rocks can switch places on their own.

Interestingly, according to time lapse footage, the movement of the rocks did not leave the tread of the trail changing on the passed lane and the speed also included high. Some researchers also assume that this could be due to the thin arrangement of ice created overnight and melting during the day. However, it has not received approval because there are still many signs of questions.

4. Stone pipe in Baigong Mountain, China

Around the 2000s, a researcher from the United States successfully climbed the top of Baigong Mountain in China. Who would have guessed if he had found a line of ancient rocks in the form of pipes of the same size and diameter of varying sizes.

In subsequent research, the pipe-shaped rocks were found to contain at least 30% silicon dioxide, calcium oxide and iron. Its age is also confirmed to reach hundreds of years in time. However, it is still asked about drilling techniques until its construction, remember that in antiquity there were no great tools to do.

5. Fireballs over the Mekong River

Southeast Asia has the most expansive and beautiful waters. One of them, the Mekong River that flows from China through Southeast Asia was previously sourced at sea from the Vietnamese delta. Here, there is an event popularly called Naga Fireball or Mekong lights, which used to be mentioned ghost lights, namely the emergence of fireballs from inside the river.

To be precise, a natural phenomenon that shows the balls reflecting rays of fairly reddish color equal in size varying from the depths of the water. The beam was fired several hundred mtr. Deep into the sky, the next disappeared slowly. To date, there have been many opinions regarding the event, but no research with results can be accounted for.

6. Fairy Circle in Namibia

There is something quite strange going on in the Namibian Desert in South Africa. Just think about it, the landscape is suddenly covered by prime circular sectors, where grass or any plant life cannot develop. Coinciding with it, a barren ring is formed about 2 to 15 mtr in diameter. The event is said to be a natural plant circle such as heuweltjie and Mima mounds.

The trigger of the fairy circle has long been a puzzle and the investigation can be proved against. One logical theory is that other vegetation schemes are a community-level risk of competition for water that is very rare, because plants "manage" themselves to optimize access to very rare resources. A circular barren patch captures the water that then gushes to the outer edge of the ring.

Then which natural phenomenon amazes you the most and wants to know?

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