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5 Countries with the Most Holidays in the World, Some are Almost a Month

The holiday day is one of the most anticipated events for some people. Besides being able to let go of fatigue after doing activities, vacation days are the right time to enjoy a vacation.

Speaking of holiday days, you must know that Indonesia has a different number of holidays each year. This is related to the decisions issued by the government.

In addition to weekends, holidays are decided regularly every year in some parts of the world as an important date or schedule of major celebrations. The question is, which country has the most holiday days?

The following explanation is as summarized from various sources.

1. Cambodia (28 days)

The country, which is popular for its Angkor Watt, apparently has a fairly long vacation. Not just a boast, a national holiday in Cambodia can reach 28 days or almost a month.

Interestingly, the number of holiday days is in fact a natural reduction when witnessed from the number in the first few years. In 2020, for example, the number of national holiday days in Cambodia has increased to 31 days.

There are many arguments as to why Cambodia has many holiday days. In addition to religious events, the celebration of the king and queen's birthday, which is celebrated festively for three consecutive days in May, is the biggest factor.

Not only that, some employees have a lot of leave, which is 15 days, and other employees have a portion of 18 days of leave each year.

2. Iran (26 days)

Iran is the next country in the highest number of holiday days in the world. The Persian state apparently has a holiday of about 26 days.

Iran has quite a lot of holidays, because it has a complex mechanism of national holidays.

The country uses at least three other calendars based on customs and religious events.

This is what makes Iran have an increasing number of holidays. Interestingly, beyond the number of holidays, it seems that the Iranian government sometimes inserts other holidays each year.

3. Sri Lanka (26 days off)

Similar to Iran, Sri Lanka has a large number of holiday days. The country, which was originally known as Ceylon, is in 3rd place as the country with the most holiday days in the world.

This island nation in South Asia has 26 national holidays in a number of years. This is especially true because Sri Lanka is a culturally diverse people with several festivals.

4. India (25 days)

As a country that has many religious festivals, India is the country with the most holidays in the world next. The country has an average of 25 national holidays a year.

Interestingly, holidays in India apparently have varying or different amounts. For example, there are 14 days of national holidays in Delhi. And in the other side of Odisha, national holidays can take up to 34 days.

This is because there are several state and religious holidays such as Diwali, Maha Shivratri, Guru Nanak Jayanti, Vaisakhi, Eid al-Fitr, Muharram, and Christmas.

5. Myanmar (21-25 days)

Furthermore, Myanmar is the country that has the most national holidays in the world. One of them is that the ASEAN country has a national holiday of up to 25 days, depending on the year.

Myanmar has many religious holidays, such as Buddhist Lent, Christmas, Eid al-Adha, and Diwali.

In addition, the country celebrates many other monumental days, such as Independence Day which is held every January 4, and Resistance Day on March 27 every year.

The number of holidays in Myanmar, as the country is known for its multicultural population.

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