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Xi Jinping Orders China's Military To Be War Ready, And Xi Jinping Meets German Chancellor


President Xi Jinping ruled China's military was ready for war. The order is based on concerns that China's national security faces rising instability and uncertainty.

The confession was said by Xi Jinping during a visit to the Central Military Commission's combination operations instruction center in Beijing, Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022. According to him, quoted from CCTV, China will deeply strengthen its training and military preparation for war.

"All militaries must vent all their power and do all the tasks for combat preparation, increase the strength to compete and win," Xi Jinping said as taken by xinhua state media.

"Xi prioritizes if China's national security faces an increase in instability and obscurity, and its military work still remains heavy," Xinhua noted.

According to Xinhua, Xi Jinping demanded that all armed forces apply the Party's consideration of military characterization for the new age. In addition, the military was told to follow tactics and based on combat effectiveness as one of the requirements. Xi Jinping gave military instructions to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development needs.

In late October, Xi Jinping was again elected president for the 3rd time. Throughout his decade-long tenure, he has made the Chinese Communist Party stronger.

The information is in the midst of concerns that China is likely to be preparing its military for the attack on Taiwan, which has its own government. Under Xi, China is already taking a hard-line approach to Taiwan. China claims the island is a self-segregated province that will eventually be recombined with the country.

China's claim is already making the opposite of the United States and its Western allies. In August, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi traveled to Taiwan, which escalated a slump with the US.

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday, November 4, 2022, echoed the importance of expanding cooperation between Germany and China amid the world's geopolitical shifts and upheavals. The recognition came during Xi during a meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the first G7 member meeting with China since the Covid-19 outbreak.

"At this time, the state of the world is complex and tidy. Germany and China are big countries and have influences that need to work together more and more in order to play a role in world peace and development," Xi said.

And Scholz praised Xi by saying he was a good leader and happy to meet with Xi in the midst of a world shrouded in chaos. Russian aggression is already making the world trouble.

Scholz and Xi discussed the European - Chinese fabric, efforts to deal with weather switching and hunger. The 2nd discusses how to develop the Chinese-German economic fabric and several topics, where the 2 countries have other thoughts.

Scholz and a business delegation from Germany flew to China under Covid-19 procedures. They immediately conducted a coronavirus test immediately after arriving in the capital Beijing on Friday morning, November 4, 2022.

Chinese medics wearing full PPE clothing broke into the plane of Chancellor Scholz and the group. Coronavirus tests were carried out on the plane. Fortunately Scholz and the Covid-19 negative group.

Chinese President Xi Jinping urged that no faction should use nuclear weapons in Ukraine's war. Xi conveyed this right in a meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Beijing on Friday, November 4, 2022.

Xi's admission came first after the recent escalation of the dispute. In his remarks, Xi explained he was against the use of nuclear capabilities in Europe, without naming Russia.

Xi called on international citizens to deny nuclear weapons terror and advocated an appearance on nuclear war to hold critical action on the Eurasian continent.

"Nuclear weapons should not be used and nuclear war should not be fought," Xi said in his speech as taken from The Independent, Monday, Nov. 7, 2022.

CCTV tv station said Xi showed that China is providing German support and the European Union plays an important role in promoting peace talks. He was mentioned highlighting Berlin promoting the construction of a balanced, efficient and continuous European security framework

Scholz accepted President Xi's remarks. Scholz traveled to Beijing with several groups of snapper-class business people in Germany.

"I told President (Xi) if it was important for China to use its impact on Russia," Scholz said.

Earlier in the week, the Kremlin said in applying its regulations on nuclear deterrence, Russia was strictly and stably aided by the concept that nuclear war cannot be won and should not be fought.

"Russia's doctrinal approach in this sector is interpreted to be absolutely correct, merely hunting down protective directions and not admitting to broad interpretations," the Kremlin acknowledged.

Xinhua's information office reported Xi explained to the German chancellor that China supports Europe's pivotal role in stirring up peace talks over Ukraine. He urged that a balanced, efficient and continuous European security framework be created.

"As a large and influential country, in a transitional and tumultuous period, China and Germany have had to work together a lot to give more and more contributors to world peace and development," Xi said.

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