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U.S. Military Base Attacked by Missiles, Tensions on Turkish-Syrian Border Rise

The turmoil in the Turkish and Syrian basins has resulted in U.S. military bases being hit by missiles.

The onslaught occurred on Friday (25/11/2022) night at approximately 22:31 on the spot.

The US Central Instruction (CENTCOM) explained that the onslaught targeted US consolidation forces at its base at al-Shaddadi in Syria.

The onslaught did not cause any injury or damage to the consolidated property base, reads the U.S. Central Instruction info.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), as a US ally challenging ISIS, visited the site of the onslaught and found a 3rd rocket that was not fired.

An onslaught like this puts consolidated forces and civilians at risk and destroys the stability and security of Syria and hard-earned territories, said CENTCOM Spokesman Col. Joe Buccino, as Al Jazeera reported.

"This treatment poses a threat to us, as the constant struggle challenges ISIS to make sure the ranks never get back on their feet and pose a threat to the area," Colonel Buccino continued.

The onslaught comes as the turmoil grows on the Syrian-Turkish banks after the Turkish military smoothed the air strikes on Kurdish forces in Syria and Iraq in retaliation for the November 13, 2022, bombings in Istanbul.

Turkey blamed the banned Kurdistan Employees Party (PKK) and the Kurdish YPG forces for the onslaught, although they denied any linkage, taken from the Jerusalem Post.

U.S. Military Arguments Are in Syria

The U.S. military that has bases in Syria faces major risks.

They shoulder the vision of conquering ISIS with the contribution of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The SDF is controlled by Kurdish YPG forces in Syria, a line of militants as opposed to Turkey.

On the other hand, Turkey is currently in dispute with the YPG, as a NATO ally and an important partner for the US in the area.

Meanwhile, the SDF is a partner of the US and plays a key role in the consolidated vision of the US leadership to conquer ISIS.

On Tuesday (11/22/2022), the US military explained that its troops face the risk of an onslaught of Turkish unmanned aircraft at a base in Syria.

"We have received additional information if there is a risk to US Troops and personnel," said the US Central Instruction in a brief acknowledgment on Wednesday (11/23/2022).

No U.S. service members were injured in the onslaught, CENTCOM said.

"Turkey does endure the suffering of shahlic terrorist terror, particularly in their south. They must have the right to defend themselves and their people," Colonel Buccino said in a meeting of journalists after the US base received an onslaught on Tuesday (11/22/2022), as reported by BBC International.

However, he underscored the need for the US on the banks of Syria and Turkey only to undermine ISIS, with the contribution of the SDF.

In rhythm with Colonel Bucconi, Secretary to the Pentagon Brig. Justice. Gen. Pat Ryder made it clear that the onslaught directly threatened the safety of U.S. personnel working to conquer ISIS.

Their vision to ensure the detention of more than ten thousand ISIS prisoners is threatened as well.

Because of this, Ryder said de-escalation (reduction in activity) should be in place on the Turkish-Syrian banks.

He explained the Pentagon is concerned about reports of intentional targeting of civilian infrastructure.

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