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Undercover Revealed, Israeli Army Leaves Qatar Immediately

 An Israeli soldier, Guy Hochman, fled Qatar on Monday (11/28/2022) after his impersonation was revealed. A video uploaded on Twitter revealed Hochman's involvement in Israeli army units that frequently attacked and killed several thousand Palestinians.

Hochman entered Qatar by impersonating a comedian and making funny videos. In one of his videos uploaded on Facebook, Hochman claimed that he went to Qatar to bring a vision of peace.

But Palestinian-American journalist Dahmash-Jarrah uploaded a video on Twitter revealing Hochman's past as an Israeli soldier. Dahmash-Jarrah is a former CNN contribution that has 171 thousand adherents on Twitter. The video was watched by several thousand people and shared widely on social media.

"Hochman introduced him as a peacemaker even though he was actually a murderous soldier," said Dahmash-Jarrah, conveyed by Middle East Monitor, Tuesday (29/11/2022).

Dahmash-Jarrah said Hochman was the Commander of the 932 Nahal Brigade. He worked in a unit that killed several thousand Palestinians throughout the first and 2nd Intifadas. The unit killed all families throughout the Israeli war in Gaza.

According to Israeli media, Hochman should still remain in Qatar until the end of the 2022 World Cup. But he immediately booked a ticket and returned to Israel.

Many Israeli journalists went to Qatar to review some pro-Israel Arabs throughout the 2022 World Cup competition. But no one wants to be interviewed by Israeli journalists. The interviewee instead said that Israeli journalists should leave Qatar.

The Israeli reporter explained that they felt it was not safe to live in Qatar. Some Israeli journalists had to hide their identities.

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