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Ukraine beats the drums of World War III when it hits a NATO country with the S-300

Ukrainian troops made a fatal mistake in the war challenging Russian troops.

Instead of attacking Russia, Ukraine beat up the grain barns of its own neighbor, Poland with the S300.

The onslaught occurred when the world's leaders were in Bali at the G20 summit.

Because of the blow of that air defense missile, two Polish civilians died.

This was revealed after NATO conducted an investigation.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg explained the chances of the misfire incident were caused by Ukrainian air defense missiles fired to guard Ukrainian areas," an analysis backed by Poland.

The onslaught comes as Ukraine attempts to fend off an initially unprecedented wave of Russian missiles targeting special energy infrastructure essential to Ukrainian civilians as winter approaches.

US President Joe Biden was relieved that it was not Russia that fired missiles at Poland.

Because, NATO does not need to take direct part in the Russia versus Ukraine war by escalating.

Because, Poland became a member state of NATO.

The NATO Ambassador also held a precarious face-to-face to review the explosion on Tuesday (11/15/2022) that occurred at the dryer of some grain in eastern Poland near the edge of Ukraine, which occurred when Russia fired several missiles at several cities across Ukraine.

Kyiv explained its faction shot down the majority of incoming Russian missiles with its own air defense missiles.

The Volyn region of Ukraine, just across the bank from Poland, is one of many areas that Ukraine says are targets for Russian onslaught.

Russia angry

The Russian Defense Ministry explained that some photos gave Ukrainian S300 air defense missiles that beat Poland.

Because, Russian missiles do not have 20 miles from the Ukraine-Polish bank.

All of these events were purely Ukrainian silliness.

On Wednesday (11/16/2022), the Kremlin also praised US President Joe Biden's recognition, which is relatively resolved when compared to other Western countries.

Meanwhile, British First Minister Rishi Sunak blamed Russia for Ukraine's silliness.

Russia is the faction responsible for Ukraine's negligence.

"They prioritize if, whatever the outcome of the investigation, Putin's aggression into Ukraine should be blamed for the ongoing violence," Rishi Sunak said.

Poland's Foreign Ministry said the rocket crashed in Przewodow, a hamlet about 6 km from the Ukrainian bank.

Polish President Andrzej Duda explained to reporters that it was "likely a Russian-made missile", but there was no real evidence of who fired it.

Russian long-range missiles and air defense missiles used by Ukraine used Soviet designs.

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