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The World's Most Dangerous Railroad: 3 Thousand People Killed During Its Construction

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Speaking of trains there is never an end . So want to know, if there is a train with the most beautiful lanes, is there a train with the most dangerous lanes in the world?

This is likely one of the most dangerous trains in the world. Noted by Lonely Planet, the Devil's Nose Train lane, Ecuador, is the most dangerous in the world.

Devil's Nose as a lane of the Trans-Andes Train that runs from Quito to Guayaquil. Reportedly, to take this train is very expensive.

Why, then, is this lane named Devil's Nose? So apparently this lane is not a plate road and has one problem along the way, namely the giant rock in the form of a triangle. Therefore, this lane is named Devil's Nose.

To outsmart it, this lane was planned to be zigzag and became one of the steps to defeat the boulder.

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Not only zigzag, Quito exists at an altitude of 2,800 mtr. at sea level, until to reach it by train must pass through all the mountains of Ecuador.

Watching the difficulty of the lane, of course, many people ask, how is the construction going? Throughout the construction process, some engineers found free falling manure of more than 40 mtr. and make their task difficult.

Therefore, watching its location and process, it is seen as the most terrible path in Ecuador, and the world. Creating this train lane results in a high level of difficulty.

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The Devil's Nose Line History

The Devil's Nose is a span of the Trans-Andes Railway that in the early 20th era connected Guayaquil with Quito, with the direction of improving the country's economy.

At that time, the President of Ecuador, General Eloy Alfaro, who held it in 1895, announced that there would be a new railway line created in the Andes and connecting the coastal city of Guayaquil with the capital, Quito, on the highlands.

An exciting rejection existed, as some people at the time viewed the Andes as unbeatable by train.

Despite the protests, General Alfaro hired several U.S. contractors to make the railroad lanes the most difficult and risky on the planet.

Cooperation among North American governments and companies led to the founding of the Guayaquil and Quito Railway Company, and construction of monumental lanes began in 1899.

Making railroads on the highlands is not an easy job. Frequent seismic activities, heavy rain, wild animals, malaria, dysentery, and yellow fever delayed the weaving.

However, the most technically opposed side of the project is the surface of the rock known as the Nose of Satan, or Nariz del Diablo, which stands between Alausi and Sibambe.

Quoted by History Daily, to climb a cliff with a height of 800 mtr. This, some engineers sculpted a series of steep turns that allowed the train to climb on a 1-in-18 slope, with alternating forwards and backwards over the tracks.

However, the completion and first ascent of Nariz del Diablo in 1902 was the most remarkable feat of railway experimentation at the time.

In the end, the first locomotive came on 25 June 1908 at Chimbacalle Station, Quito, and traveled 452 km.

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This lane always worked, until 1997 when a landslide along El NiƱo damaged the tracks, efficiently closing all lanes.

In the construction of this 13 km railway, at least about 3 thousand people died, due to landslides, snake bites, and diseases due to poor working conditions.

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Many prisoners worked on the construction of this railway. Some of the prisoners were promised that when the task was over, they would be free, although many of them died.

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