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Russian General Meets Syrian Kurdish Leader, Dampens Battle Against Turkey

 The commander of Russian forces in Syria, Lieutenant General Alexander Chayko met the leader of the Syrian Defense Forces (SDF), Mazloum Abdi in al-Hasakah, Syria.

The 2 met to review the current escalation of the Turkish-Syrian bank. The SDF is a component of Kurdistan as a close ally and most relied upon by the US military in Syria.

According to the Al Mayadeen media website Monday (28/11/2022), Alexander Chayko, visited the northeastern province of al-Hasakah, on Sunday (11/27/2022).

Al Mayadeen's source said the face-to-face reviewed Turkey's terror to issue a ground operation and some way to take treatment to keep the operation from happening.

Chayko reintroduced the idea of mobilizing the Syrian army as far as the Syrian-Turkish banks in a radius of 30 km.

Turkish air forces bombarded the defense bases of Syrian and Iraqi Kurdish ranks, following bombings in Turkey's Istanbul two weeks ago.

Ankara has accused Kurdish groups in Syria and Iraq of taking part in the Istanbul bombings, which were charged to the Kurdistan Employees Party (PKK) in Turkey.

Chayko had already met Abdi in 2020 to review coordination with Turkish factions regarding various Turkish operations in the Kurdish region.

Russia received positive signals from Ankara and Damascus regarding the opportunity to make a way for the two to restore the broken Syrian-Turkish fabric.

Turkey is supporting arms in Syria that is trying to boost Bashar Assad in Damascus.

Even Turkish forces now occupy some areas of Idlib Province, and some back the town of Afrin in northern Syria that was previously controlled by SDF forces.

The U.S. military came in an oil-rich area of northeastern Syria. They unite Together the Kurdish ranks, maintaining their status in Syria.

The opportunity for a reconditioning of the Syrian-Turkish fabric came at the 19th turnaround of talks in Astana Russia over the Syrian dispute.

"We hope that if we gradually see a reconditioning of the Syrian-Turkish fabric," Lavrentyev said.

Meanwhile, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reports that major U.S. troops and military equipment have entered northern and eastern Syria.

The convoy of U.S. contributing forces arrived from Iraq's Kurdistan Region (IKR) through the door of the illegal Al Waleed crossing on the illegal Syrian-Iraqi bank.

"This contribution is divided into about 100 trucks, which pass through the city of Qamishli and towards the US bases at Tal Baidar and Qasrak, south of Hasakah," SOHR said.

According to SOHR, this is the sixth U.S. military convoy to enter northern and eastern Syria this month, alongside the escalation of Turkey's ground and air onslaught in the region.

He added that yesterday, on November 25, reinforcements appeared to be entering several areas under the control of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militia.

Reinforcements arrived via the Al-Waleed crossing, SOHR said, and counted 30 trucks containing logistical supplies and tanks.

Most of the troops and equipment entering the country arrived as part of the U.S. military's common troop turnaround among its bases in Iraq and Syria.

But that coincided with Ankara's retaliatory operation in northern Syria on the SDF and its allied militias, which Turkey blamed for the deadly explosion in Istanbul on November 13, 2022.

The contribution became Washington's attempt to block the Turkish land onslaught into the Kurdistan area.

Like Russia's efforts, the US is trying to address clashes between Ankara and the SDF.

In protest at Turkey's escalation, the SDF has already cancelled anti-ISIS operations with US consolidation.

Ankara prioritizes to Washington they have a job of personality making protection of its Kurdish allies.

The SDF initially accused the US of turning a blind eye to the Turkish invasion. Contributions can mean Washington trying to give its allies confidence they have gained its protection.

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