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Russia Successfully Tests Nuclear-Powered Submarines and Russia Withdraws Army from Kherson


In a confession, Thursday, November 3, 2022, the Russian Ministry of Defense explained that the ship named 'Generalissimus Suvorov' had already issued the Bulava intercontinental missile in the northern White Sea. As a result a mock payload reached a test site in the Kamchatka area of Far Eastern Russia.

Bulava is planned to carry downstream of the nuclear explosion. Generalissimus Suvorov was the 2nd Borei-A-class submarine to be built.

Moscow said the device was equipped with advanced navigation, radio techniques, sonar, and missile and torpedo armament mechanisms.

President Vladimir Putin has often threatened to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine's Russian war. Moscow has repeatedly explained its military doctrine of passing the use of nuclear weapons when Russia's territorial credibility is threatened.

In September, Putin made it clear he was not snapping as he said Russia was ready to use all available measures to safeguard its territory. He explained that the United States had set a precedent at the end of World War 2 when two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan.

The North Atlantic Defense Deal or NATO warns Russia's nuclear onslaught could change the course of the dispute in Ukraine's fight. The Western military coalition said its faction and other Ukrainian allies would physically respond to the incitement already carried out by Moscow.

A senior NATO official, who did not want to be named, during a closed-door face-to-face line of the nuclear plan on Thursday, October 13, 2022, said Moscow's use of nuclear weapons would have risks that had not yet occurred initially for Russia.

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Ukraine is wary of Russia's new onslaught as there are signs Moscow is withdrawing its troops from the western side of the Dnipro River.

Russia's chances of withdrawing its soldiers in the southern regions of Ukraine were corrected by a top brass chosen by Moscow. If true, this hints at a major retreat as a special turning point in the war.

Kyiv explained his faction is still at war in the region and is on alert if Moscow can set a trap by withdrawing code.

"It is likely that our unit, our army, will turn to the left (east) edge," said Kirill Stremousov, deputy civilian administrator of the Russian-confirmed Kherson area, in an interrogation with Solovyov Live, a pro-Kremlin online media store.

The region counts the city of Kherson, the capital of a similarly named region, and one of the major cities Russia has taken as a whole since its aggression in February. This includes one facet of the large dam opposite the Dnipro that regulates the water supply to drain Crimea, a peninsula occupied by Russia since 2014.

Initially, Russia vehemently opposed if its troops planned to withdraw from the region, one of which was the most important new control claimed by President Vladimir Putin already annexed to Russia in late September.

The gamble is on Thursday, November 3, 2022, over whether Russia did withdraw, after several photos spread on the internet showed the Russian flag no longer flying in a special administrative building in the city of Kherson. Ukraine explained some of the images could have been Russian disinformation.

Natalia Humeniuk, ukraine's southern military instruction spokeswoman, explained it could have been a Russian trap.

"This is a realization of a certain incitement, to make the impression that if the settlements are left, it is safe to enter them, while they are ready for street fights," he said in comments aired on TV.

"We keep trying, to Kherson, out of reality if the counterparts give us confidence if they leave the city and make an overall rescue impact," he said.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin made clear he believed Ukrainian forces could retake Kherson, likely in his most confident comments so far.

Russia has been trying for several months to guard the area west of the river that cuts through Ukraine. Moscow has sent several tens of thousands of soldiers to strengthen the region, one of the main focuses of its biggest battlefield.

Ukraine attacked a special bridge for several months, causing Russia to supply its huge capabilities on the western edge. Ukrainian forces have been advancing as far down the river since breaking through the Russian front line there in early October, although their progress has slowed in recent days.

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Russia Evacuates Citizens

Russia initially ordered civil society to move out of occupied territory west of the river, and this week ordered them out of the buffer zone 15 km to the east. Kyiv explained the rescue order amounted to forced deportation and as a war crime.

Stremousov pressured the civil society in the city of Kherson to leave, explaining that their lives were threatened.

Ukraine maintains strict secrecy regarding the development of its troops on the front lines in Kherson but has been openly wary of responding to Russian news of the western times.

Michael Kofman, the most important US Russian military expert who just came from the Ukrainian Kherson front, explained he feared Russia would leave the western edge of the river "without being forced out", but he "could be wrong about this".

"Russian troops appeared to be withdrawing from parts, being evacuated, and taken, but also strengthened with personnel having to be military. The fight there was hard. Despite the limited supply, Russian troops do not appear to lack ammunition," he said.

The Russian Ukrainian War is already in its 9th month, but there is no sign that it will be over.

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