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Putin Ready to Trigger Apocalypse to Save Face, The World Will Suffer

 Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely to choose to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine if the current situation continues, according to former Japanese First Minister Yoshiro Mori.

"Putin, , don't want to lose face," Mori said at an event held for Muneo Suzuki, a member of the opposition Nippon Ishin no Kai (Japanese Development Party), in Tokyo, Friday (18/11).

The former Japanese leader said he had moved Putin to bring Russia into the NATO (North Atlantic Defense Deal).

At the time, Mori said, Putin explained he didn't care about that choice, but believed that the United States did not graduate his country to join.

"The figure who can play a role in helping to resolve the current situation is former First Minister Shinzo Abe," who was shot dead in July this year, Mori said.

"First (incumbent) Minister Fumio Kishida leans towards one faction, which is the United States," Mori complained.

According to him, the person who can seduce Putin now is Muneo Suzuki.

Experts believe that if Putin insists on using nuclear, then some Western countries will retaliate accordingly, giving birth to the first nuclear war in human history.

Based on theory, both nuclear strikes among the 2 factions could result in global-grade damage whose effects could last for several decades. This scary scenario is mentioned nuclear apocalypse.

Although the number of deaths and damage caused directly from the explosion cannot be mentioned as small, the atomic bomb instead has the title of the scariest weapon because of what happened long after the initial bang.

The impact of long periods and the impact of nuclear bomb sequences, including the blockage of global temperatures, critical food that spurs mass hunger, the increased risk of radioactive contamination, paralysis of contemporary technology, and various serious problems.

The results of a replication study published in the scientific journal Food Nature last August gave a description of the impact of a major nuclear war among the United States challenging Russia.

Predictably, 360 million people lost their lives due to the direct impact of the war. And the mass famine that followed took the lives of 5 billion people.

Still from similar research, a slightly smaller nuclear war between two never-compact countries, India and Pakistan, has the potential to result in more than 2 billion deaths.

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