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Profile of Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, the Crown Prince Who Gifted a Luxury Car to the Saudi Arabian National Team

Happy news again emerged from the Saudi Arabian national team.

The problem is that after winning the match in the Group C match by overthrowing the Argentina national team with a final score of 1-2, the Saudi Arabian national team continued to reap prizes.

As recently, the Green Eagle team was reported to have won the exclusive Rolls Royce Phantom car prize from the prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud.

The figure of Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud who is better known by the nickname MBS is a Crown Prince.

He is the son of Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud.

Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz bin Abdul rahman al-Saud as the son of King Salman of his 3rd wife, Fahda binti Falah bin Sultan bin Hatsliin.

Mohammed bin Salman was born in Riyadh August 31, 1985, now 37 years old, as the 8th child and 7th son of King Salman.

Mohammed bin Salman was elected Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia on June 21, 2017 to date.

It is now elected as the First Minister (PM) of Saudi Arabia on Tuesday 27 September 2022. Read: Muhammad bin Salman's First Minister

Various transfers have been carried out in Saudi Arabia since Mohammed bin Salman became crown prince in 2017.

Starting from the reopening of cinemas to improving the field of non-oil economy.

Most recently, the Halloween celebration was held Riyadh City -raising pros-cons- on Thursday-Friday (27-28/10/2022).

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These various forms are in line with MbS's mission to make the kingdom an investment center.

In 2016, the Arab crown prince had announced the idea of economic diversity saying to turn the kingdom into a global investment center and business center, quoted

Profile Mohammed bin Salman

Mohammed bin Salman has the complete name Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud or known as MbS.

MbS was born on August 31, 1985.

Taken from, he is the son of King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud of his 3rd wife, Fahdah binti Falah bin Sultan bin Hatsliin.

In 2017, Mohammed bin Salman was chosen by his father King Salman to be the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

Before being elected crown prince, MbS was elected Minister of Defense of Saudi Arabia on January 23, 2015.

Then, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) was chosen to be the First Minister of Saudi Arabia.

The appointment of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as PM of Saudi Arabia was published on Tuesday (27/9/2022).

With regard to teaching, Mbs is an alumnus of King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

He graduated with a law degree in 2007.

Mohammed bin Salman's Determination to Make Riyadh the Richest City

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), expressed his ideas for Saudi Arabia.

Mohammed bin Salman's willingness to make Riyadh one of the 10 richest cities in the world.

This was said by Mohammed bin Salman in a face-to-face Future Investment Initiative (FII) in the Saudi capital on Friday (29/1/2021) yesterday.

All of Riyadh's features form the basis for job creation, economic progress, investment and many opportunities,'' the Crown Prince said to Matteo Renzi, Italy's former prime minister.

Therefore, we aim to make Riyadh one of the 10 largest economic cities in the world."

"This day, (Friday (29/1/2021)), stands at number 40, the economy of the 4th largest city in the world."

"We are targeting an increase in the number of citizens from 7.five million now to around 15-20 million by 2030,'' he added, taken from Arab News.

It is said that Riyadh represents about 50% of the non-oil economy in Saudi Arabia, and enjoys a cost advantage over other urban centers.

The Crown Prince announced the idea of a long period for a greener and more persistent city.

6 Innovations to Build Interlude and Recreation Industries

Mohammed bin Salman created the 2030 Mission reform program.

In addition to the citizenship sector loosening freedoms for women, Saudi Arabia's reforms touch the tourism sector.

Quoted, here are 6 innovations that Saudi Arabia has made to revive its tourism and entertainment industry:

1. Reopening cinemas

Cinemas reopened on April 18, 2018, after being banned from work for 35 years.

"It identifies an important event in the improvement of the cultural economy in the Kingdom," said The Minister of Culture and Information, Awwad Alawwad.

The Saudi Arabian government hopes that the operation of these cinemas can be a catalyst for economic development and diversity, and create new opportunities.

To serve its community of more than 32 million citizens, Saudi will build 350 cinemas with more than 2,000 monitors by 2030.

2. Create the biggest interlude garden

The Saudi Arabian government began creating the largest interlude park in 2018 with an overall area of 334 square km.

This recreational destination is 40 km from Riyadh, targeting eight million visitors from around Riyadh and 45 million visitors from the Arabian Gulf territory.

The interlude park called Qiddiya is predicted to match Walt Disney in Florida, USA and is predicted to become the largest interlude park in the world by 2030.

In addition to interlude parks, there are also various sports facilities that want to hold a variety of international competitions, training colleges, desert tracks, water and snow tours, and nature adventures and safari parks.

Qiddiya is one of the saudi arabian government's ways to reduce entanglement with oil.

3. Offer a tourist visa

The Saudi Arabian government offered its first-time tourist visa, as a way of elevating tourism.

Initially, the Government of Saudi Arabia only issued visas to Muslim pilgrims and foreign employees and most recently to viewers of sporting events.

This new regulation, therefore the people of countries from 49 countries can obtain an online visa or visa on arrival, counting the United States (US), Australia and some European countries.

Even so, Saudi Arabia reminded tourists who violate 'public courtesy' to still be fined.

This move is one of the efforts of the Saudi Arabian Government to diversify its economy away from petroleum.

4. Allow unmarried foreign tourist couples to spend the night in hotels

The Saudi Arabian government has again issued an updated regulation in the tourism section.

On Sunday (6/10/2019), Saudi Arabia allowed unmarried foreign tourist couples to spend the night in a hotel room.

In addition, the government of this country graduates women who travel alone overnight in hotels by showing a valid identity card.

Initially, Saudi women were forbidden to spend the night alone in hotels.

As for couples, they must show evidence if they are married.

5. Concert

Other efforts have been made to improve the interlude industry in the country by holding various concerts.

In January 2017, one of the Arab world music icons called 'Paul McCartney of Saudi Arabia' namely Mohammed Abdu held a concert in Jeddah.

It was the first major concert in seven years in Jeddah.

Furthermore, the country has held concerts again, one of which is the concert of the South Korean boy band, BTS.

6. Create the film industry

Several other ways are implemented by the Government of Saudi Arabia in an effort to improve the field of interlude and tourism.

One of them is to hold a film meeting.

The meeting will bring together some of the world's interlude industry pioneers who are interested in investment and development opportunities in the interlude field.

Material, this meeting was attended by world film business people, counting 3 high-class artists such as Jason Momoa, Jean Claude van Damme and Jackie Chan.

The event was organized by the Saudi Public Interlude Authority in collaboration with JOy Community.

"Some people can travel and spend their money in Saudi Arabia's lar to get an interlude. But we want to bring it all to the kingdom and make as many options as possible," said Saudi Arabia's CEO of the General Interlude Authority, Amr Banaja.

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