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Potatoes: Definition, Benefits, Side Effects and Consumption Tips

kentang potato

Potatoes, potato potatoes, dutch sweet potatoes, or bengal yams are plants of the tribe Solanaceae that have stalk tubers that can be consumed and are mentioned as "potatoes". Potato tubers are now one of the main basic foods in Europe even though they were previously presented from South America.

Spanish and Portuguese trackers first brought to Europe and bred this plant.

The potato plant is originally from South America and has been cultivated by residents there since several thousand years ago. This plant is a herbaceous (short plant not made of wood) one season and loves cool weather. In tropical regions fit instilled in the highlands.

Flowers are primed and composed of compound. Quite large size, about 3 cm in diameter. Approximately colored from purple to white.


Historically, potatoes came from highland valleys in Chile, Peru, and Mexico. It was introduced by the Spaniards from Peru to Europe as early as 1565. Since then, potatoes have spread to several other countries -including Indonesia-. Based on its initial records in Indonesia, this plant began to exist since 1794, starting with planting around Cimahi. Since then, potatoes can also be found in Priangan and Mount Tengger. In 1812, potatoes were recognized and marketed in Kedu. And, in Sumatra this plant was recognized one year earlier, 1811. Potatoes grow in mountains with an altitude between 1000 masl and 2000 masl, on humus soils. The residual soil of a crumbly-structured volcanic eruption is more beloved.

Benefits and toxins

Potatoes are known to people as a basic food abroad. This is because potatoes have a carbohydrate content. In Indonesia itself, potatoes are still seen as an exclusive vegetable. However, potatoes are a delicious food and really have nutrients. is known to contain several vitamins from A, B-complex, to C, to folic acid. minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, carotenoids and polyphenols. On the body of this potato, there is also a substance solanine known as a sedative, anti-spastic, antifungal and pesticide. Vitamin C found in potatoes every 100 grams is 17 mg. In addition to carbohydrates and fibers, the minerals present to it include iron, phosphorus, and potassium. This potato water compress is known to actually help heal injuries in the skin, plus in poor countries that have difficulty grafting the skin. However, when potatoes are exposed to light, they may over-create a glycoalkaloid called solanine, to the point of being at risk of being eaten. The dangers that can occur are nerve mechanisms disturbed, burning of the esophagus, pain in the head, paralysis/paralysis of the limbs, and the body cooling down. If the amount has been 3-6 mg, as it can be fatal. Healing that can be done is to give activated charcoal / norit, clean the stomach, and be given infusion fluid. Therefore, for the deterrence of solanine in the potato to be eaten it, therefore place the potatoes in a dark location. Processing solanine at high temperatures, can damage some solanine. , stay away from the consumption of potatoes that have germinated and the green color of the underside of the skin, because the alkaloid solanine has been high and very toxic.

Potatoes on the market

In the market, potatoes are separated by size and named quality A, B, C, and D. Quality A is the best. The mention of 'AB quality potatoes' has the meaning of a combination of A and B qualities.

Benefits of Potatoes For Healthn

Energy Sources

Just as it has been found the number of calories obtained when consuming potatoes is 70 kcal.

Therefore, potatoes are the right option to restore the body's energy after activities. In some parts of the world, potatoes are used as a basic food.

Lower the risk of hypertension

The potassium content in potatoes has a positive impact on the body to withstand acute diseases such as hypertension.

Hypertension as a condition of the body has a blood pressure higher than normal conditions.

With regular consumption of potatoes, the body is easier to regulate blood pressure, so that it can withstand hypertension.

Great for digestion

Potatoes contain a lot of fiber so that it is really useful for facilitating digestion. The fiber in potatoes in the amount of 100 g and one ration is 2.1 gr.

This amount can meet the body's fiber needs and help the intestines in processing food to be replaced into energy.

Fiber makes the stool heavier, absorbs water, until it becomes softer and easier to remove through the anus.

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Suitable for heart disease patients

Potatoes as a plant that does not have cholesterol content and is high in B vitamins and vitamin C. This makes the consumption of potatoes advisable in heart disease patients.

Just as we recognize that cholesterol can spur the work of the heart to be heavier and can cause problems in heart disease patients.

As a diet menu

The high carbohydrate content in potatoes makes potatoes used as an alternative food for rice.

The content of starchy substances in potatoes makes the body feel full longer when eaten. Potatoes have a content of 17.49 gr of carbohydrates.

But on a diet with potatoes it is important to remember the step of processing potatoes. Potatoes should be processed by boiling or baking.

If potatoes are eaten by cooking while on a diet, it results in weight gain. This is because the amount of fat on french fries is quite a lot.

Although potatoes are good for diet use, portions of potatoes are important to remember.

If the more eaten than the body needs, it results in increasing body weight.

Potatoes can increase energy for the body and resist hypertension.

Side Effects of Potato Consumption

Although many have the benefits of consuming potatoes, it can pose various risks for the health of the body.

One of the types of potatoes that are at risk is white potatoes. Based on the results of pandemic research, it was found that white potatoes can result in:

  • Obesity

Research that has been carried out by researchers from Harvard Medical School for four years has been continuously carried out to 3,988,007 people.

This research was carried out in the United States by asking each research participant to fill in a questionnaire regarding the food consumed on a day using a special questionnaire.

Excessive consumption of potatoes will increase the number of calories that enter the body. If this is not accompanied by regular exercise, the body will be overloaded with calories and will eventually become a fat deposit on the body.

Therefore, in the consumption of potatoes, it is necessary to arrange the right ration so that it is not too excessive.

  • Increase the risk of type 2 diabetes

Based on research that has been carried out by researchers from the Harvad Campus in America, it was found that excessive potato consumption will increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Especially in the consumption of potatoes in the form of french fries.

Consumption of potatoes with too excessive amounts throughout 1 week, for example 7 times a week will increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.

In this study, it was found that exchanging basic foods from potatoes to rice would reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Pesticide Risks in Potatoes

  • Research on the pesticide content in potatoes was carried out by researchers from Spain. In this research, it was found that one of the pesticides found in potatoes is metalaxyl.

  • Metalaxyl-type pesticides are used by farmers to control infectious diseases in plants caused by fungal infections.

  • The step to eliminate pesticides on potatoes is to clean the potatoes before eating and harbor them with a brine solution.

Potato Consumption Steps

The taste of potatoes is delicious and can be given what spices, making potatoes an option to be placed in a variety of dishes. Here are the steps for processing potatoes that are well known among residents:

  • Potato soup

Potato soup as a food that is often eaten in winter. In its preparation, potato soup can be combined with various types of vegetables so that the amount of nutrients in the soup becomes more.

Examples of vegetables that can be placed in potato soup are carrots, tomatoes, and various other types of vegetables.

  • Mash potato

In general, mash potatoes are a source of carbohydrates when consuming chicken steak or meat steak. Mash potatoes can be made by yourself at home which of course is healthier and can be laid out the expected rations.

  • Baked Potatoes

Grilled potatoes as one of them are healthy snacks and can be eaten as a diet menu. The fiber and nutritional content in potatoes is very good for those who do a diet.

Potato Consumption Steps For Children

Making children love nutritious and healthy food is sometimes a hurdle for some parents.

For children who find it difficult to eat rice, potatoes are therefore the right option as an alternative to rice.

Some parents must be able to outsmart so that children can eat potatoes with gusto. Here are some of the kinds of foods made from potatoes that are loved by children:

  • Potato chip

Making potato chips for children is really easy to do at home. To add flavor can be added a sprinkle of fried onions or powdered broth on potato chips.

  • French Fries or french fries

French fries snacks are a favorite snack of all ages. It is counted that children like this snack the most. Generally, french fries are marketed in fast food restaurants that are not yet healthy to eat. Because it makes at home an accurate option.

  • Potato pergedel

Pergedelkentang as one of them is a delicious, healthy food and can be made easily. Pergedelkentang is generally served in soups as an addition.

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Potato Storage Steps

Potatoes as a kind of tubers that can withstand room temperature. In fact, potatoes are even more durable if placed at room temperature than placed in the refrigerator.

Potatoes that have been cleaned thoroughly and then cut can be put in the freezer can last up to 2-6 months.

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