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North Korea: Missile Test is a Drill to Attack South Korea and the United States

The North Korean military on Monday (7/11/2022) explained that its series of missile experiments are "merciless" attack exercises on important targets of South Korea and the United States (US) such as air bases and operating instruction mechanisms, with a variety of missiles, which are likely to count as nuclear weapons, as conveyed by the Associated Press.

North Korea's information underscores the willingness of its leader, Kim Jong Un, not to back down in the face of rivals' push to expand their military exercises.

But some experts say Kim is using the combined South Korean and US exercises as an argument to modernize his nuclear arsenal and increase its impact on future matters with Washington and Seoul.

North Korea fired dozens of missiles and flew warplanes into the sea last week, spurring rescue warnings in parts of South Korea and Japan, in protest at a large US-South Korean air force exercise that North Korea sees as an aggression drill.

In response, U.S. and South Korean officials explained that they are increasing training with them and reminded North Korea that the use of nuclear weapons will lead to the end of Kim's administration.

"Recent military operations by the Korean People's Army (KPA) are a clear answer from (North Korea), if the more persistent the opponent's provocative military movements, the more careful and merciless the KPA will challenge them," the North Korean General Staff said in a statement aired by state media.

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The confession explained that the weapons test included ballistic missiles full of downstream dispersion blasts and downstream underground infiltration blasts aimed at ejecting onto enemy air bases; a ground-to-air missile planned to "destroy" opposing aircraft at another altitude and range, and a vital cruise missile that crashed in international waters about 80 km from South Korea's southeastern coastal city of Ulsan.

The North Korean military explained that its faction conducted an important ballistic missile experiment with a special functional downstream that had the purpose of disabling the opponent's operating instruction mechanism.

This can mean electromagnetic voltage onslaught replication, but some observers doubt what North Korea has mastered special technology to obtain such onslaught power.

North Korea's military recognition did not explicitly say the intercontinental ballistic missile smuggling delivered on Thursday (3/11/2022) intended to beat up US plains, although the mass media essentially issued photos of ICBM-like weapons as one of them used during last week's testing activities.

Some experts explained that many of the other North Korean missiles issued last week were weapons with short-range nuclear capabilities that placed special military targets in South Korea, including US military bases there, in the rundown.

On Monday, the South Korean military opposed some of North Korea's reports of its missile experiments.

South Korea's military spokesman, Kim Jun-rak, explained his faction was unaware of North Korea's cruise missile smuggling and it was important to note if North Korea did not say what Seoul saw as abnormal smuggling by ICBMs.

This year's "Vigilant Storm" air force exercise between the United States and South Korea was the largest for military exercise maneuvers this season. The exercise included 240 fighters counting F-35 great fighter jets from all 2 countries.

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South Korea and the United States initially planned to hold a five-day exercise that ended on Friday (4/11/2022), but extended training until Saturday (5/11/2022) in reaction to North Korean missile experiments.

On Saturday, the final day of the air force exercise, the United States flew two B-1B supersonic bombers over South Korea to demonstrate North Korea's challenging capabilities, the plane's first flight since December 2017.

South Korea's Combined Chiefs of Staff explained that B-1B's involvement in joint exercises demonstrates allied preparations to decisively address North Korea's incitement and US loyalty to defend its allies with its diverse military might, including nuclear.

After an annual face-to-face on Thursday (3/11/2022) in Washington, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and South Korean Defense Minister Lee Jong-Sup issued a joint acknowledgment denouncing north Korea's recent smuggling.

Lloyd Austin made it clear any nuclear strike on the United States or its allies and partners "is unacceptable and will lead to the end of the Kim administration."

South Korea's military has initially warned North Korea that using its nuclear weapons will only "damage us".

The 2 defense ministers agreed on the importance of increasing combination exercises and military training to strengthen preparations for North Korea's nuclear and missile terror.

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Even before the "Vigilant Storm" exercise, North Korea had already conducted an experiment on the smuggling of several missiles in what it said replicated nuclear strikes on US and South Korean targets, in protest of a series of rival military exercises that included US aircraft for the first time in 5 years.

Last September, North Korea adopted a new law that passed its use of nuclear weapons first in a variety of circumstances.

South Korean and US officials steadfastly guarded their protective exercises and made it clear they had no intention of attacking North Korea.

The United States and South Korean militaries have expanded their regular exercises since the inauguration of South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol last May, who has pledged to take a tougher stance on North Korea's incitement.

Some allied exercises have initially been streamlined or undone to provide diplomatic support that has now ceased with regard to North Korea's nuclear program or to deal with the Covid-19 outbreak.

Over the course of several months, South Korean and US officials explained that North Korea had completed preparations to conduct nuclear experiments for the first time in 5 years.

On Monday, South Korean Unification Minister Kwon Youngse explained to lawmakers that North Korea could conduct nuclear experiments at any time but there was still no sign that such an explosion of experiments was imminent.

Russian officials last week explained they restarted rail service with North Korea after canceling it for more than 2 years due to the outbreak.

Russia's Far Eastern Railways spokesman explained to the state-regulated information office on Wednesday (2/11/2022) that the first train in the direction of North Korea carried 30 horses and the next train carried some medicines.

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Last September, North Korea had resumed its freight train service with China, its biggest trading partner, which ended the 5-month interval.

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