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Missiles Fall in Poland, Russia: West Nears to World War!

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said the incident of a missile crash in Poland, which was thought to have been fired by Ukrainian forces, showed the West moving closer to another World War. Medvedev indicted the West of waging hybrid war with Russia.

As quoted by Reuters on Wednesday (11/16/2022), the comments were said by Medvedev, who is a close ally of President Vladimir Putin, in the latest confession via Twitter on Wednesday (16/11) time on the spot. Putin has not commented on the missile incident in Poland.

"The incident with the 'missile attack' that Ukraine is calculated to have carried out on a Polish farm shows only one subject: the flames of hybrid war on Russia, the West is moving closer and closer to world war," said Medvedev, who now holds the Deputy Head of the Russian Security Council.

Poland's Foreign Ministry, on Tuesday (15/11) evening, said two of its people died from the explosion of a 'Russian-made missile' that crashed in the hamlet of Przewodow, which is near the Ukrainian bank.

The location of the missile's fall was said to be in the storage of some grain, which has a distance of only 6 km from the banks of Ukraine.

Poland's Foreign Ministry did not elaborate on the issue of the type of missile or where it was fired from. While President Andrzej Duda in his confession said there was no clear evidence of the problem of the actor firing the missile.

But the latest from some top officials of the United States (US), as quoted by the Associated Press, said its initial assessment showed a missile that crashed in Poland was fired by Ukrainian forces. According to some of the U.S. officials, the missile was fired by Kiev while dismissing the onslaught of Russian missiles.

The 3 top U.S. officials could not be identified because they did not have the power to publicly review the matter. There was no legitimate response from U.S. or Ukrainian authorities regarding the report.

It was found that Ukraine still had a supply of weapons made by the Soviet Union and Russia, including the S-300 air defense missile mechanism.

Russia initially opposed already smoothing the onslaught on targets near the Ukraine-Polish bank. The Russian Defence Ministry in its confession called the report a 'deliberate provocation intended to spur an escalation of circumstances'.

While President Joe Biden explained to reporters in Bali, between visiting the G20 summit, on Wednesday (16/11) if based on its crossing, it appears that the missiles that fell in Poland were not fired from Russian areas. Biden said he had finished holding a precarious meeting with G7 member states and NATO leaders in Bali.

Russian missile crashes on Polish territory, two people declared dead 

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