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COP27 Challenge: Only 24 Countries Tighten Climate Policy Since COP26

The UN weather meeting, Conference of The Parties 27 (COP27), faces major hurdles in achieving the weather goal of limiting global temperature increases by 1.5° Celsius in the midst of this era to avoid chronic weather disasters as per the 2015 Paris Agreement.

United Nations Climate Change (UNCC) Executive Secretary Simon Stiell explained that, based on the UNCC NDC synthesis report, only 24 countries out of 194 countries have tightened their temperature regulations since the COP26 event in Glasgow, Scotland, at the end of last year.

"I have to give a report if only 24 countries have advanced with national ideas tightened since COP26. 24 countries not 194 countries . So here I am monitoring 170 countries that want to reevaluate and strengthen their national promises this year," Stiell said at the opening of Egypt's COP27, taken Tuesday (8/11).

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Therefore, stiell said, COP27 concentrates on three crisis treatments. First make a change of form to implication, placing the negotiations to real treatment.

"Every human activity must be in accordance with Parisian loyalty in hunting for efforts to limit temperature increases to only 1.5° C. Please be enthusiastic about some of the steps that have been implemented in several areas to achieve this and how the global financial architecture can be made in the same direction as Paris loyalty," he said.

The 2nd real treatment is to drive developments in mitigation, adjustments, finances, and most importantly, damage and loss, or loss and damage. As for damage and loss, it demands developed countries to pay compensation to poor countries affected by critical weather.

"We need to activate increased capital to deal with the impact (of the weather). What is outlined in this negotiating room should illustrate the urgency out there. There are places of similarity that we can make backrests and bridges," Stiell said in his speech.

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He explained that at the COP27 event, there will be several processes that are already halfway through, new processes that are initiated, and there are also some processes that need to be looked at again.

The ultimate real treatment is to increase transparency and responsibility in each process to mitigate and deal with the impact of critical weather, where environmental credibility and loyalty excellence are important.

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"I welcome a detailed idea of how we deliver on what we've promised in finance, adjustment and mitigation," he said.

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