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A Row of Foods That Must Be Avoided For Those Of You Who Have Enteritis

Many sides of the human body are prone to infection, one of which is the intestines. Colitis itself as a state when the intestines are naturally inflammatory or infectious. In the clinical world, inflammation of the intestine is often used to describe two diseases, namely Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

By the way intestinal problems, of course, will rub against food. Because, the intestines as one of them are organs that work to process food. In addition, people who suffer from this disease apparently do not consume food carelessly, you know. Therefore, people with colitis need to be smart when determining food.

The important thing is to highlight that although diet cannot cause this disease, eating schemes can help regulate the signs. Because, the consumption of the right foods can resist ulceration and reduce infections. So, what kind of inflammatory bowel diet is a good sich?

Nach, here are a number of foods that are important to be shunned by sufferers.

1. Spicy Food
Stay away from this type of food, because spicy food actually makes the signs and signs of this disease worse.

2. Dairy Products
For people with lactose intolerance, milk is not the right option to eat. In addition, some people who suffer from colitis sometimes experience diarrhea and pain in the stomach when consuming dairy products.

3. Food Causes and Allergies
People with this disease often have foods that cause inflammation of the intestines. These foods are foods that can make their signs worse. In addition, they have allergic foods, foods that cause immune reactions.

4. No Large Rations
People who have these complaints need to think about repeating if they want to consume food in large rations. Chances are better if you eat 5 times a day in small rations, rather than two or three rations in large rations.

5. Monitor Fiber
Generally, vegetables have a higher fiber content than other foods. Suppose, a vegetable such as broccoli or cauliflower. In addition, foods, such as nuts and some seeds that contain a lot of fiber. People with colitis will be given to know to limit fiber and do a low-sediment diet if naturally narrow the intestines.

6. Peanuts, Plums and Popcorn
Nuts and some whole grains are full of nutrients, but they are high in protein as well as fat which is bad for disturbed digestion. In addition, food is difficult to process and can irritate the stomach because of its hard texture.

7. Caffeine and Alcohol
Think back if you want to consume alcohol and caffeine-containing drinks. Because, this type of drink can be severe diarrhea. In exchange, choose water as a drink to meet the needs of body fluids. Water as the best option.

8. High-Fat Foods
High-fat foods, such as margarine, butter, sauce cream, and cooked foods can result in diarrhea. What's more, if a person suffers from Crohn's disease, he cannot process fat normally.

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