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A Healthy Lifestyle Makes Kidneys Healthy Without Taking Medication, You Must Do It

The kidneys are important organs that play an important role in filtering toxic substances in the body. If not taken care of properly, it is not impossible that you are at risk of kidney disease. Then, how to maintain kidney health so that they are free from disease?

Steps to maintain kidney health to resist disease

One of the steps to contain kidney disease is to keep the bean-shaped organ healthy. Actually, there are many routines that are important to carry out and quite a lot of them also need to be reduced so that the kidneys can work optimally. Here are ways you can work to keep your kidneys healthy.

1. Healthy eating scheme

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Living a healthy eating scheme can be proven to provide good benefits for the body, including kidney health. This is because the triggers for kidney disease start from high blood pressure and diabetes. However, the 2 health problems can be shunned as long as you take care of the eating scheme.

You can start by increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables. However, it should be borne in mind if there are many types of fruits and vegetables that are apparently good for kidney health, for example:

  • Cherries that are low in potassium can control acidity in the body
  • vegetables low in potassium, such as cabbage, radishes, and eggplants to equalize potassium minerals
  • Apples that are rich in anti-oxidants and low in potassium do not aggravate the work of the kidneys
  • Whenever possible, try to avoid foods that contain fats and purines, such as internals. The problem is that foods that are high in purines can increase uric acid content which in the end can interfere with the role of the kidneys.

In addition to increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, there are other ways to healthy kidneys and be free from disease, namely:

Limit salt consumption

Did you know that foods that are high in salt and sodium can increase blood pressure? When your blood pressure rises suddenly, it can destroy blood vessels and aggravate the work of the kidneys. In fact, hypertension is said to be a special trigger for unsuccessful kidneys.

Therefore, you may be able to limit salt consumption as an effort to contain kidney disease and keep it healthy. There are several spice options that can replace sodium, such as onions. The content of quercetin in onions can also maintain kidney health by helping to maximize the role of the kidneys when filtering blood.

Low protein diet

Not only limiting salt consumption, maintaining kidney health can apparently be implemented by following a low-protein diet. Consumption of most proteins is apparently not good for the health of the body, especially the kidneys. The problem is that the proteins eaten are processed and divided into amino acids by the body using the contribution of enzymes.

Furthermore, protein digestion will begin from the stomach to the intestines. The processed amino acids are then carried by the blood and supplied to the organs of the body that need it.

Each limb requires a different amount of amino acids. If the protein is finished processing, the traces will be processed by the kidneys and removed through urine.

The more protein that needs to be processed by the body, the more amino acids that are important to be filtered by the kidneys. As a result, the kidneys have to work harder.

Therefore, a low-protein diet can be one of the most efficient steps to keep the kidneys healthy. There are many healthy food options that contain enough protein for the body, such as fish meat and egg whites.

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2. Meet the needs of liquids

Meet the needs of liquids

Often underestimated, drinking water is apparently important to maintain kidney health, you know. This kidney healthy step is quite natural and can be used to resist disease. Why is that?

First, fulfilling the need for liquid and water seems to help facilitate the process of filtering blood when removing toxic waste. Taken from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, healthy kidney strength to filter about 150 liters of blood daily.

Through this filtration, the kidneys remove garbage (some substances that the body does not need) on the blood, such as sodium, potassium, phosphorus, potassium. Water in the body will help keep blood vessels open, so that blood can pass through the kidneys smoothly.

In addition, drinking enough water can maintain the equilibrium of water and minerals in the body. The problem is that the kidneys play an important role in maintaining the equilibrium of water and minerals in the body. Equilibrium is what makes nerves, muscles, and tissues play a normal role.

Maintaining kidney health with this step restrains the creation of kidney stones due to dehydration. Drinking enough water apparently helps the kidneys remove the garbage properly. However, it must be remembered that you should not drink water generally.

3. Regular exercise

Regular exercise

It's no secret that regular exercise is good for maintaining overall body health, counting the kidneys.

The problem is that regular exercise can help the body regulate blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol content. The 3 elements are important to control to resist kidney disease.

You don't need to participate in marathon races to keep your kidneys healthy. There are several other types of physical activities that are easy to carry out, such as relaxing walks, riding bicycles, and dancing. Try to find exercise that makes you like to be healthy for your body.

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4. Not carelessly taking medicines and vitamins

Not carelessly taking medicines and vitamins

Frequent use of medications in large quantities can destroy your kidneys. This is because the kidneys play a role in the disposal of some drug residue from the body. Some medications such as NSAIDs and laxatives need to be taken after a doctor's referral to maintain your kidney health.

Therefore, do not be careless when taking drugs. The problem is that kidney disease can exist due to overtime and mostly take some medications than suggested.

5. Stop smoking

Stop smoking

For some smokers, it may be time to stop because the content in cigarettes can indeed be proven to destroy the body, including the role of the kidneys. This, toxic substances from cigarettes that enter the body can block blood vessels.

As a result, the heart needs to work harder so that blood pumps and can increase the risk of hypertension as a trigger for kidney pain. Therefore, you should just stop smoking as soon as possible to maintain your kidney health.

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6. Limit alcohol-containing beverages

Limit alcohol-containing beverages

The dangers of alcohol do have a considerable effect on health. Various damages can occur if you do not limit alcohol entering the body, including a reduction in the role of the kidneys.

This is because the diuretic impact on alcohol can increase the amount of urine created. As a result, the kidneys have difficulty regulating the urine channels and body fluids, calculated to control sodium, potassium, and chloride ions. When that happens, the body naturally balances electrolyte fluids which results in dehydration.

It is never too late to start limiting until the possibility of stopping alcohol-containing drinks to maintain health and contain kidney disease.

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