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5 Countries at Threatened by Nuclear War, Millions of Humans on Earth Endangered, And This Total United States Aid to Ukraine

The Russian Foreign Ministry has again blasphemed the United States (US), Britain, and several Western countries that are members of the North Atlantic Defense Accord (NATO).

Supporting some Western countries to Ukraine, pointing to Russia as an incitement treatment to provoke the danger of nuclear war. The Russian Foreign Ministry revealed the terror of nuclear war between five countries. The 5 countries are America, Britain, and France in the NATO coalition.

Meanwhile, Russia will have one carriage with its most powerful ally, the People's Republic of China (PRC), which has been feuding with the US in recent years.

"The ability of the West, which already provides Ukrainian support with military contributions, mobilizes incitement with weapons of mass destruction," reads the Russian Foreign Ministry's admission.

"We truly believe that in the current difficult and up-and-down conditions, caused by irresponsible and brazen treatment, it has the purpose of destroying our national security. The most urgent job is to avoid a military clash with nuclear capabilities," the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Instead, America and its allies in NATO have instead accused Russia of spreading propaganda by inciting Ukraine's "dirty bomb" scenario. Although Ukraine opposed the news, it still believes it is a Western strategy.

Even so, Russia still says some countries should repeat themselves before pressing their respective nuclear weapons launcher buttons.

"We fully reaffirm our allegiance to the joint recognition of the 5 heads of state of nuclear weapons owners regarding the deterrence of nuclear war and the avoidance of the arms race from January 3, 2022," the Russian Defense Ministry said.

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In September 2022, President Vladimir Putin explained, it is not impossible for Russia to deploy its nuclear weapons. The Russian military even had a nuclear experiment yesterday. Russia simulated a massive nuclear strike in response to an opponent's nuclear attack.

But Britain's Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace, explained Putin was foolish about using nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Wallace warned that Russia would face unspecified but confirmed risks would be very difficult.

Appearing before the Commons Defense Committee on Wednesday 2 November 2022, Wallace rejected Russia's unsubstantiated allegations that Ukraine was likely to produce a "dirty bomb".

"Russia's claims about tactical nuclear weapons preparation by Ukraine, or indeed facilitated by the UK or other capabilities, are untrue and untrue," Wallace said.

"No one prepares or gives dirty nuclear weapons facilities, nuclear bombs. For England the first time would be sickening. The 2nd , it is contrary to our vision, international law and the 3rd will be irreparable," he said.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky completely disappointed United States President Joe Biden. It was discovered, the 2nd interweaving is really very close since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2024 yesterday.

The U.S. has been the most vocal ally in denouncing the onslaught and has been very active in contributing to Ukraine. The contribution could take the form of weapons or humanitarian donations to kiev communities affected by the violent onslaught of Moscow.

However, recently, the concern is that Biden has become furious at the President of Ukraine, who is considered ignorant of saying thank you.

Biden's disappointment with Zelensky stemmed from telephone talks in June, after the US sent its contribution to Ukraine, Biden and Zelensky both spoke and Zelensky praised the US for remaining loyal to funding Ukraine.

"Zelensky made a U.S. commendable confession for his benevolent contribution," said a source familiar with the matter, taken from NBCNews, Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2022.

However, just now after sending funds to Ukraine, Zelensky has asked for contributions back to the U.S. by listing all the additional contributions he has not yet obtained.

Zelensky's desire made Biden lose patience because he felt that the U.S. was kind enough to provide funding for Kiev. According to 4 people close to the 2 leaders, explained that the US military had gone to great lengths to help Ukraine.

"Zelensky should be able to give a little bit of gratitude," they said.

The source made it clear that Biden and Zelensky's relationship has only been better since the June call, just after the Kiev leadership praised the U.S. for his benevolent contributions.

Just before the June 15 talks, Biden's frustration with Zelensky had grown over the course of several weeks. Biden and some of his core aides feel like the U.S. administration is doing as much as possible, but Zelensky continues to concentrate on just something that isn't being implemented.

Overall U.S. Contribution

Joe Biden's anger at Zelensky was seen as quite arguing. The problem is that the US has since initially sent a special tool of defense mechanism (Alutsista) to the Ukrainian military, to deal with Russia.

In January 2022, the US has received arms shipments to Ukraine as part of a defense contribution of US$ 200 million (around IDR 2.86 trillion).

Washington made it clear that its faction would continue to provide Ukrainian support amid concerns in Kiev and between their Western allies over the mobilization of several hundred thousand Russian troops on their banks with Russia.

The contribution continues to be sent by the US to Ukraine, until September 2022, the US Department of Defense announced an additional security contribution of around $1.1 billion or around IDR 16.5 trillion, to Ukraine under the Ukrainian Security Contribution Idea (USAI).

This contribution is the loyalty of the U.S. to always provide Ukrainian support for a long period. A multi-year investment to make the Ukrainian Armed Forces capability as it continues to safeguard Ukraine's sovereignty and territory in the face of a Russian invasion.

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Some of the U.S. contributions to Ukraine include 18 High Mobilization Artillery Rocket Mechanisms (HIMARS) and ammunition; 150 Humvee Vehicles; 150 Tactical Vehicles for towing weapons; 40 trucks and 80 trailers to carry heavy equipment; 2 radars for Unmanned Airborne Mechanisms; 20 multi-mission radars.

Furthermore the counter-unmanned air mechanism; Secure tactical communication mechanisms, monitoring mechanisms, and optics; explosives ordnance disposal equipment; Protection of bodies and other field equipment; Capital for training, maintenance, and maintenance.

Overall, the U.S. has now given about $16.9 billion in security contributions to Ukraine since January 2021.

If calculated since 2014, the U.S. has given about $19 billion in security contributions to Ukraine of more than $16.2 billion since the initial violent aggression and did not argue Russia on February 24.

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