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20 Tourist Attractions in Cirebon are great to visit

Still thinking if the direction of vacation is important to Bali? This is what if you try a goal that has not been thought of so far, namely Cirebon. Recreation places in Cirebon are no less than some famous recreational cities in the country, recreational places in Cirebon that are being hits are just as interesting to explore.

It is true that there are many recreations in Cirebon that are cheap and perfect for vacations with your family, children or friends. But some people recognize cirebon from the famous pantura road throughout Indonesia.

Cirebon can be said to provide complete directions and recreational performances starting from beaches, waterfalls, mountains, to interlude parks. You just have to determine it according to your taste, this is a complete reference for you.

Famous Recreation Places in Cirebon

Situ Cicerem

Docking with nature is the perfect way out to deal with depression and fatigue due to the routine activities of mountainous activities. Situ or Cicerem lake which is beautiful and surrounded by shady trees can be the best option to give yourself freshness.

The magnetism of this recreational object is in the water which is so clear that sometimes it looks bluish reflecting the color of the sky. The following is the cause of this lake sometimes mentioned Telaga Biru Cicerem by residents on the spot. This place is a community of various types of fish that are not reluctant to exist upwards.

A well-known recreational activity here is aesthetic photo hunting or relaxing in the lake using a float. Besides that, you can take a walk around the lake, or just sit back and enjoy the beautiful situation.

Cirebon Kasepuhan Palace

Lovers of cultural history recreation should visit this place if they have the opportunity to visit Cirebon City. Because here is the milestone in the history of the establishment of this Shrimp City. It's not unusual for so many monumental objects that you can watch in this destination while enjoying the architectural peculiarities.

Keraton Kasepuhan itself as a real form of mixing the culture of citizens in place, Chinese elements, to a touch of Islam. One of them is the point of interest of this place, namely the Lion of Barong which is called the king's chariot used by generations.

The advantage of the train is in its form called acculturation of Islamic, Hindu, and Chinese cultures. Visitors can document the train with a camera, but it is forbidden to touch or board it.

Kejaksan Square

This recreational place is really suitable for you to visit in the afternoon approaching dusk because it is a cheap kongkow place. What's more, the administrators have added quite a lot of twinkling lights to enliven the situation.

Not to be missed to enjoy the folk culinary recreation offered by some of the traveling and street vendors around this city park. Besides that, you can also visit on Sunday mornings and mix with local residents for sports during car free day.

After enjoying recreational places in Cirebon this city park, you can visit the At-Taqwa Grand Mosque. The largest mosque in Cirebon City was made by R. Adipati Salmon Salam Suryaningrat in 1918. The location itself is not too far from the square and you can reach it just by walking.

Kejawanan Beach

Although the sand is not white like some beaches on the Island of the Gods, but Kejawanan Beach, Cirebon offers natural beauty that is no less amazing. This is especially the view of the sunset accompanied by various forms of ships passing by many become the object of photos of some travelers.

Sementara jejeran rimba bakau yang ada di sejauh garis pantainya tampilkan panorama hebat yang harus Anda dokumentasikan.

Kekhasan lain dari tujuan rekreasi ini ialah kehadiran dogma mengenai pasir pantai yang kabarnya bisa mengobati beragam tipe penyakit enteng atau berat. Pelancong perlu membaluri badannya dengan lumpur untuk menangani beragam permasalahan kesehatannya. Anda berminat untuk coba?

Sabin Cirebon Area

For the people of Cirebon and its surroundings, there is currently no need to go to the Island of the Gods to enjoy the impression of recreation like in the territory of Ubud. You just have to visit the recreation area of Cirebon with a sense of Bali in the Sabin area which encourages the adoption of the situation of the Island of the Gods.

You can get Balinese banners, gates, and various trinkets characteristic of the Island of the Gods easily here.

The management offers recreational performances to enjoy delicious culinary on the edge of the rice fields, enjoy the panoramic view of Mount Ciremai and the verdant stretch of rice. While at night you can enjoy a romantic dinner with the closest person and do not forget to take selfies with Instagramable backgrounds.

Rimba Plangon

Here are cheap and festive recreational objects for you lovers of nature recreation and exploration. Rimba Plangon itself is actually more than a natural recreation, but all traces of history because it is the last resting place of Prince Panjunan and Kejaksan.

These brothers and sisters were important figures in the history of the spread of Islam in Cirebon but chose to pursue the deepening of the religion in Plangon. To reach the prince's 2nd center, the end had to climb a few hundred steps towards the top of the hill.

But you should not be afraid of fatigue because the situation at the location is so cool and beautiful remember the number of dense trees in the territory. You will often encounter long-tailed monkeys because of this jungle as their community. Visitors are allowed to give food, but make sure it is not risky for animals.

This recreational object is in Babakan Hamlet, Sumber District, Cirebon Regency.

Trusmi Batik Area

It's less complete when you go through recreational shopping while traveling. So don't forget to visit the Trusmi Batik Area and bring mega cloudy batik as its unique characteristics. This batik production center has existed since the 14th era and is increasingly being developed to further advance the field of tourism.

In addition to shopping at the Trusmi Regional wholesale center, you can also watch from a close distance the process of making batik by craftsmen and even learn to batik. To take the batik class you can register with Sanggahr Katura and choose the training package you want.

Apparently in this Trusmi Area you also have the opportunity to have culinary recreation to enjoy a variety of traditional Cirebon dishes. These include empal gentong, nasi jamblang, docan, tahu kuningan, empal asem, and sego lengko.

This Trusmi Batik area is located on Jalan Syekh Datul Kahfi, Weru Kidul, Weru District, Cirebon Regency, West Java.

Lake Setu Pacak

Setu Pacak lake or reservoir is never empty of visitors, especially during the holiday season, remember the most beautiful panorama. Here you can enjoy the clear lake water that stretches wide based on the beautiful panorama of Mount Ciremai.

The peculiarity of this lake is the presence of a small hill that pokes out in the middle and you can visit it in the dry season. Just pay a ticket in the amount of Rp20,000.00 you can cross by boat to explore the small hill.

It's a pity that in the rainy season this recreational show is impossible to remember the increasing water of the lake. Other recreational performances that you can taste at this place are staying overnight in cottages, outbound, fishing, or using an ATV.

The recreational object of Lake Setu Pacak in Mundu Cirebon, West Java is located in Setu Pacak Hamlet, Mundu District, Cirebon Regency, West Java Province.

Cirebon Waterland Ade Irma Suryani

Looking for a recreational place in Cirebon that is a hit for families? Therefore you must visit Waterland Ade Irma Suryani. Made in a place measuring 3 hectares, you and some dear ones can definitely enjoy a happy time here.

This waterland provides 3 swimming pool seeds with different depths, for children, adults, to international standard pools to compete.

In addition, the Ade Irma Suryani Swimming Pool has a unique restaurant in the form of a giant ship written "Cheng Ho" a famous sailor from China. Here there are various types of dishes that shake the tongue starting from traditional to contemporary cuisine.

Can't wait to try it out so quickly, right? Visit this recreational destination on Jl. Yos Sudarso No.1, Less strongwungkuk, Cirebon City, West Java 45111.

Sunyaragi Cave

More than just an ordinary cave, setting foot on this recreational object will remember you in a phenomenal fairytale world. Because all sides of the cave as buildings of coral rock with architecture a combination of European, Middle Eastern, ancient Chinese, and traditional renaissance styles.

It is said that there is a certain philosophy contained in the appearance of the building, namely the evaluation of life. The location, which used to be the location of several royal families, is now increasingly sought after by travelers because of the beauty and difficulty of its shape.

Here visitors will certainly not lack an alluring object to document or be the background of your shot. The parts that should not be missed are 3 buildings in the form of Joglo called Bale Kambang, Mande Beling, and Pesanggrahan Building.

This recreational location with peculiarities that exceed its era is on Jalan Brigjen AR Dharsono, Sunyaragi Village, Kesambi District, Cirebon, West Java.

Cikalahang Recreation Hamlet

Here's a paradise for fishing enthusiasts or fish foodies that you must visit when on vacation to Cirebon. Here you can channel hoby fishing and so on ask the restaurant around to process it.

Of course, it really gives satisfaction if you can devour fresh fish caught by yourself and enjoy the beauty of Mount Ciremai which underlies Cikalahang Hamlet.

This recreational hamlet grew after the administrators and residents on the spot added vacation facilities. These include cottages, swimming pools, and playgrounds. In addition to visiting with family, this recreational destination is perfect for going on vacation with some close friends.

The location of Cikalahang Recreation Hamlet is in Dukupuntang District, Cirebon, exactly 1 km from the Cirebon - Majalengka lane.

Pusara Sunan Gunung Jati

Chances are you will feel quite confused watching some travelers face oriental while having religious recreation to the center of Sunan Gunung Jati. The trigger was that he apparently had settled in China and married one of the emperor's daughters whose name was Ong Tien Nio.

The following argument is that this pusara building is quite thick with several Chinese elements, such as porcelain and ceramics in buildings with Javanese architecture. While on the walls are displayed beautifully engraved Arabic calligraphy.

After the pilgrimage and prayers, you can spend time at this pusara complex to enjoy the uniqueness of the building like other visitors. No less interesting than this website is the door to the 9th housing complex.

The location of Pusara Sunan Gunung Jati is on Jalan Alun-Alun Ciledug No. 53, Astana, Gunung Jati District, Cirebon Regency, West Java Province.

Wanawisata Ciwaringin

Don't like to explore the beautiful nature of Cirebon? If so, you should try to go around in Wanawisata Ciwaringin, which is a jungle territory controlled by eucalyptus plants. To pass the longer time at the location you can also camp and enjoy the fun of staying in the midst of nature.

Lake Ciranca as a side of Wanawisata Ciwaringin which can be your next exploration destination. This lake is a place to live various types of freshwater fish so that quite a lot of fishing enthusiasts try their luck here.

This territory offers a motor cross lane that resists and meets national standards that can improve your skills.

The distance of this natural recreational object is not too far from the urban center, which is about 27 km, precisely in Ciwaringin Hamlet, Ciwaringin District, Cirebon Regency, West Java.

Grand Mosque of Si Cipta Rasa

The city of Cirebon does offer recreation of a historical history of religious things that do not exist. One of them is the Grand Mosque of Si Cipta Rasa which was built in 1498 AD and as a side of the Cirebon Kasepuhan Palace.

This place of worship is the creation of Sunan Gunung Jati (Sheikh Maulana Syarif Hidayatullah) as a gift to his dear wife Nyi Mas Pakungwati. The mosque was an important historical element in the period of Islamic discourses by Wali Sanga.

Meanwhile, in terms of the architecture of the building, the Great Mosque of Si Cipta Rasa is unique because it does not choose a dome like a mosque in general. The gate is also like a temple, instead of a place of Islamic worship. Besides that, there is a touch of Cirebon and Demak culture that is thick in this building.

This religious recreation location is on Jl. Kasepuhan No.Komplek, Kasepuhan, Kec. Less strongwungkuk, Cirebon City, West Java 45114

Remis Lake

Remis is like a shelled animal that is found in this lake until the residents on the spot eventually call it Telaga Remis. This recreational location looks unique, especially with the view of the rows of green pine trees around the lake which seems to make a fence.

You can also wander around the lake by water bike and enjoy the cool air. Those who want to exercise, the management has provided a jogging track around the lake.

This lake is not only a mussel community, but also various types of fish such as mujair and gold. Then you must not forget your fishing gear when visiting this recreational place in Cirebon Kuningan.

This natural recreational object is precisely in Kaduela Hamlet, Mandirancan District, Kuningan Regency, West Java.

Kanoman Palace

Having an attraction that is no less than the Kasepuhan Palace, you should include the Keraton Kanoman in the list of recreational directions in Cirebon City. To take into account the weathering of the building, the government has carried out restoration but without replacing the original architecture of the building.

There is a mixture of Javanese and Chinese cultures united in the breath of Islam in the building of this sultanate. Meanwhile, some monumental objects as palace collections are pottery crafts, ceramics, paintings, heirlooms, and the Paksi Naga Liman dating chariot.

Every month of Maulid, the palace will hold a Long Rite of Amulets or washing of royal heirloom objects as well as sukur statements to God. If it is profitable, it is likely that you have the opportunity to see the realization of local wisdom.

This recreational location is on Jalan Kanoman No.40, Less strongwungkuk, Kec. Less strongwungkuk, Cirebon City, West Java 45111.

Gronggong Hill

This is a recreational destination that is suitable for seeing Cirebon City from a height. Its location is on a high land on the edge between the territory of Cirebon and Kuningan. Whether early in the morning or at night, this recreational spot offers equally stunning views.

When the sun comes out you can enjoy the beauty of Cirebon City from the hilltops that are verdant by grasses with some dense kersen trees. While at night this Shrimp City will look like a sea of stars that takes the source from the lights of several residents' houses.

It must be great to enjoy this amazing panorama accompanied by delicious roasted corn that is widely offered on site.

Batu Lawang

This recreation object in the form of a verdant cliff not only offers the beauty of the natural panorama but the mystical nuances that follow. Because it has a shape that has many faults, some people believe this place is a gateway to other realms.

Apart from that dogma, this alluring goal is to be explored to just relax or take pictures with beautiful natural backgrounds. The recreational show options that you can do here are ATV riding, riding a bicycle, or playing flying fox.


Apparently the city of Cirebon can be a fairly interesting vacation direction with a variety of tourist attractions that you can determine according to your taste. Want to have natural recreation, culinary, shopping, to recreation of cultural and religious history, you can all do in the city of Cirebon.

So immediately make an itinerary with a list of recreational places in Cirebon for your vacation this year. Hopefully it provides inspiration.

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