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16 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Bali, Famous to Foreign Countries!

 Planning to travel to Bali after a long stay at home? Here's a reference to the most popular Bali recreational places that you should go to.

Who is not familiar with Bali. The island, which was awarded as The Best Destination Of The Year by the Travel Trade Gazette Award in 2019, is often the number one vacation destination for foreign and domestic tourists.

This Indonesian tourism star offers a variety of alluring and great tourist attractions to visit with family, colleagues or couples.

Want to know what is the most popular recreational place that you should visit while in Bali? Here are the best and most up-to-date recreational places in Bali in 2021.

Recreational Places in Bali that Must Be Visited

1. Besakih Temple

The temple is made in the highest mountain territory in Bali, Mount Agung, as the largest Hindu place of worship in Bali. Besakih as a complex divided into 86 old temples. The average lifespan reaches 1,000 years.

Every year, Besakih Temple is always crowded either by travelers or by Hindus who want to participate in various religious ceremonies held there.

2. Ubud Art Market

Ubud Traditional Art Market aka Ubud Art Market is located at Jalan Raya Ubud number 35. The market works from 04:00 am to 18:00 pm.

Here Toppers can find various types of souvenirs from local Balinese artisans. Nach, if you want to visit here, you are referred to arrive from dawn to 09:00 in the morning. Because, you can get quality goods at relatively cheap prices because at that time foreign travelers are not as busy as in the afternoon.

Ubud's traditional art market is separated from two areas, namely the west and the east. In the western area, you will find the center of art crafts and in the eastern area more and more selling primary necessities.

3. Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK)

If you are planning a vacation to Bali for a long time, it must be legal to visit Garuda Wisnu Kencana or GWK in South Bali.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana is a large statue created by I Nyoman Nuarta and is currently a recreational place in Bali.

Besides the statues, you can also see a variety of limestone hills that are cut into large limestone blocks full of sculptures.

Besides that, in the territory of Garuda Wisnu Kencana there is an art theater where visitors can enjoy various types of Balinese dance and art in this theater daily.

4. Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple is one of the recreational places in Bali which is on a cliff that leads to the sea.

Uluwatu Temple not only offers a spiritual situation characteristic of Bali, but also offers its panoramic beauty, especially the beauty of the sunset which is no less than the beach and has been popular.

At Uluwatu Temple you will witness several monkeys that are believed to play a role in maintaining the sanctity of Uluwatu Temple.

To enter the place of Uluwatu Temple, you will be required to wear a sarong and shawl called a symbol of respect to the sanctity of Uluwatu Temple.

5. Seminyak Square

This shopping place on Jalan Kayu Aya, Seminyak seems contemporary and charming. Seminyak Square is not too big and only consists of 2 floors, but it is specially made to attract visitors from the upper group.

Some of the things you can do in Seminyak Square, starting from shopping for exclusive clothes and jewelry, souvenirs and decorations from Indonesia, hunting down some English books, enjoying wine and a comfortable dinner, and more.

The operating hours of some stores in this shopping center are different, but Seminyak Square itself opens from 10.00-22.00 WITA.

6. Museum Bali

The museum which is located in the middle of Denpasar city as an old building building, precisely adjacent to the Great Temple of Jagat Natha.

From the airfield, you just follow the road to the urban center for about 45 minutes. However, this museum is not an art museum, but a historical museum.

You can get to know the city of Bali more deeply because in this museum there is a collection of equipment during the prehistoric era, religious ceremonial equipment and traditions, and changes in the art and culture of Balinese people from time to time.

7. Bajra Sandhi Monument

Do you know the history of this monument yet? Bajra Sandhi monument was created to commemorate the struggle of the Balinese people. This monument is in front of the Bali Governor's Office and the Bali Provincial Parliament Building.

In the following place the Puputan War took place. You can know the struggle of the Balinese people from the prehistoric period to depriving them of independence on the second floor of this monument.

In telling the story of the struggle of the Balinese people, the museum administrators used the idea of dioramas some 33. On the third floor, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Denpasar and its surroundings through glass, just like in Monas.

8. Mount Agung

Bali's tallest shoot is at the top of Mount Agung, which these Balinese Hindus consecrate. According to Balinese beliefs, Mount Agung is the place of several gods who always monitor humans. On the mountainside following the largest temple in Bali, Pura Besakih, there is.

9. Gitgit Waterfall

Toppers, want to feel more relaxed and relaxed with natural situations? Gitgit waterfall is a suitable destination for those of you who want to relax enjoying the combination of water recreation and trackking.

Gitgit Waterfall is located in Buleleng, Singaraja, and this destination will certainly not be annoying. This waterfall is the waterfall with the highest cliffs in the territory of northern Bali.

10. Elephant Cave

This cave is a cave made in Tampaksiring, Gianyar, and is very crowded with tourists.

According to residents on the spot, the Elephant Cave area was a consecrated location and was used as a center of Hindu and Buddhist religious activity during the reign period of the Warnadewa Dynasty.

Today by residents on the spot, this monumental site serves as a center of religious and social activity.

11. Bali Bird Park

This recreational place is suitable to be visited with friends and family. Bali Bird Park was opened for the first time in 1995. This two-hectare bird park is one of the largest bird parks in Indonesia.

It is not strange, because there are, approximately 1,000 poultry animals from 250 species, you know. In addition to watching various poultry animals here, you can also enjoy the impression of 4D theater.

12. Bali Butterfly Park

There is another unique and beautiful recreational place in Tabanan, Bali, that must be visited besides the beach, namely the Bali Butterfly Park.

This Butterfly Garden is the largest butterfly learning and research object in Southeast Asia.

Several thousand butterflies of various species fill this garden. Toppers can visit the park which has been open since 1996 at 08.00-17.00 WITA, every day.

13. Puja Mandala

This location is one of the proofs of the togetherness and tolerant values between religious people in Indonesia.

This place is a complex of houses of worship of five religions considered in Indonesia, which are divided into the Grand Mosque of Ibn Batutah, the Protestant Church of GKPB Jemaah Bukit Dua, the Catholic Church of Our Lady of All Nations, Jagatnatha Temple, and, the Buddhist Vihara Buat.

Here, you can feel the beauty of harmony in incompatibility, and without the cost of entry.

14. Ayung River Rafting

This rafting is different from other rafting which can be tense and full of obstacles because Ayung River Rafting offers beauty.

The scenery as far as the Ayung River is very beautiful, plus the sculptures on the river cliffs, and the green trees around the river complete the beauty of Ayung River Rafting.

15. Sukawati Art Market

Sukawati Art Market is located on Jalan Raya Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali. This market is popular in the group of travelers because it is complete with a variety of souvenirs typical of Bali.

This market is famous for going abroad after being set in one of the episodes of the film Eat Pray Love, played by Julia Roberts. Sukawati art market opens every day with operating hours between 06.00-18.00 WITA.

16. Tanah Lot Temple

The temple located in Dusun Beraban is so unique and beautiful because it is made on a coral island.

In this temple, which is usually used by Balinese people to worship the sea god, there are often traditional events, especially when the sea water is dry.

In this temple there are many sea snakes that are believed to be the guardians of Tanah Lot temple. If you want to visit here, you are referred to arrive in the afternoon around 17:00 to enjoy the panoramic view of the sunset from this temple directly.

Bali is a favorite destination for vacations, great for local or overseas travelers.

A variety of natural recreation, history, and even extremes can be felt and tasted in this amazing city.

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