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10 Thigh and Calf Shrinking Sports that you must do every day

Thighs and calves are limbs that can cause problems, especially for women. Because, these limbs tend to accumulate fat that can interfere with performance.

Often a variety of steps are implemented to reduce the thighs and calves. However, the effort to obtain slender thighs and calves is not easy. The problem is that exercise and diet cannot ensure that fat shrinks in the expected location.

Sports Reduce Thighs and Calves

Taken from the site, although the presence of fat in the calves and calves is usually normal. The problem is that there are factors that influence the presence of fat and calves, for example due to derivative factors and body metabolism.

But there are still some people who want to remove so that the thighs and calves look slim. Here are a number of workouts or exercises to reduce the thighs and calves that can be tried.

1. Ride a bicycle

Ride a bicycle

One of the steps to lose fat on the thighs is to ride a bicycle. The movement of pedaling while riding a bicycle makes the muscles in the quadriceps (quadriceps) try hard.

Not only that, the hamstring muscles that are behind the thighs also tighten. That way, the appearance of the thighs and calves will become slimmer.

This sport can be carried out indoors (using a stationary bike) or outdoors. The key is to regularly do sports on a bicycle if you want slim thighs and calves.

A study in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness says there is a reduction in body weight and amount of body fat in women who are overweight after doing 24 sessions of indoor bike riding exercises.

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2. Up and Down the Stairs

No need for difficult tools, going up and down stairs can be one of the simplest and easiest thigh smaller sports. This sport makes the thigh and calf muscles try hard. Each climbed step will help burn the fat in the thighs and create muscles.

3. Jump rope

Jump rope

Jumping rope helps tighten the thigh and calf muscles, until they look slimmer. This sport can be carried out with the contribution of skipping.

For starters, you can jump rope for 20 seconds without breaking. Once trained, try adding it for a minute.

4. Squat


Squats are a great physical exercise to reduce the thighs. In fact, for patients with low back pain, squats are considered safe exercise. Because, there is no need to carry the weight of the burden that wants to burden the back.

Here are the steps to do squats to reduce the thighs:

  • Stand with your legs open with your shoulders wide, placing your hands next to your body
  • Hold the abdomen and chest edema (back plate status)
  • Push your hips and bend your knees as if you were about to sit down. Ensure strong knees support
  • When the thighs are close to parallel (plates) with the floor, hold this status for several minutes
  • Afterwards, it returned again to the status of all slowly. already done 1 set of squats.
  • Do this exercise about 3 sets with 15 loops.

5. Sumo Squat

Sumo Squat

Actually, there are several kinds of squat movements that can be tried to reduce the thighs and calves. One of them is sumo squats.

The trick is not difficult. Here are some steps to do sumo squats:

  • Opening the legs wide is possible without losing equilibrium like the status of a regular squat
  • Lift the toe until it is in tiptoe status
  • In tiptoe status, bend your knees 90 degrees and hold this status for a few minutes.

6. Lunges


Lunges as exercises that can make the muscles of the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. Because the 2 legs move in unison, lunges are just the right movement to tighten the thigh muscles and make them look lean.

To do a lunges, here are some steps:

  • Stand up straight, carrying one foot in front
  • Bend the knees of the forelimbs by 90 degrees, in this status, the legs in the back will automatically bend
  • Convince the knees of the hind legs to align with the ground (but should not touch)
  • In on it, make sure the knees of the forelimbs do not exceed the fingers of the legs
  • Furthermore, the plate returns to the knee, until it returns again to its original status
  • Work 10-12 iterations on one leg. After that work alternates with the other leg.

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7. Side Lunges

Side Lunges

Side lunges as a kind of movement of lunges. As the name implies, this thigh-reducing exercise is carried out by stepping foot to the side.

Here are some steps to do side lunges:

  • Stand tall with legs open with hip width
  • Step your right foot towards your right until your foot opens wider
  • Bend the right knee until the posture becomes lower, until the left foot is parallel to the floor
  • Make sure the sole of the left foot still remains on the floor
  • Re-plate the right leg and return again to its initial state
  • Repeat the above movement about 10-15 times, just changing legs. If you are trained, you can use a tool such as a ball.
  • Throughout the movement above, hold the ball in the face of the chest with all 2 hands. Make sure his place still remains on the face of the chest as he bends his knees again.

8. Skater


Skater is a sports movement to reduce the thighs that is quite easy to implement and dynamic. Simply put, just move the legs left and right alternately.

To do 1 set of skaters, what needs to be done is:

  • Stand tall with legs opened with shoulders wide
  • Step the right foot behind the left leg (crossed) and the knee bends enough, make sure the back still remains the plate
  • Bringing the right foot back again to its original status and alternately bringing back the left foot back to the back of the right foot
  • This movement can be carried out in approximately 20 sets. If you have been trained, you can increase the speed so that the muscles created and the fat in the thighs can burn more optimally.

9. Supine Inner Thigh Lift

. Supine Inner Thigh Lift

The movement of the supine inner thigh lift helps to reduce the inner thighs. Unlike some of the initial movements, this time can be carried out by lying down.

The steps to do this exercise are as follows:

  • Lie flat and tighten the abdomen
  • Place hands from the sides of the body
  • Lift the 2 feet until the plate is upright with the floor (as would do a candle stance)
  • Opening the left leg with a width that can be exercised while the hips still remain attached to the floor.
  • Bringing the left foot back to its initial status and tightening the foot at the top
  • Repeat about 15 times a moment before moving to the other leg.

10. Fire Hydrant

Fire Hydrant

The step of doing a fire hydrant is to take a creeping status and make sure your knees and arms are open with hips and shoulders wide. Keep the hips still on top, slab one leg back until they are parallel to the other limb. Work on reps often.

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