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10 exotic fruits from different countries, have you tried it?

Each region, each country has a different type of flora. And this causes the fruit plants that grow there to vary as well.

The continents of Africa, America, Asia, and Australia have a variety of fruits that are difficult to find in other countries. The continents of Asia, Africa, and South America are known for tropical fruits, while north America and Europe are places where fruit crops grow with different features as well.

If you've initially recognized akebi, jabuticaba, and give it magic, this is the time we've brought back unique, delicious-tasting fruits that you probably haven't recognized yet.

Starting from the Pink Mountain Berry from Australia, Capuacu from the Americas, to the Hala fruit from Micronesia. Here we present 10 exotic fruits from various countries in the world.

1. Pink Mountain Berry

Pink Mountain Berry

Leptecophylla juniperina is a fruit plant native to Australia and New Zealand. The fruit is also known as pink mountain berry and prickly heath.

Pink mountain berries are still a family of beriberi plants. This plant can only grow in cold temperature regions.

2. Purple appleberry

Purple appleberry

Memiliki bentuk seperti paprika memiliki ukuran kecil dengan warna ungu terong. Dikenali bernama appleberry atau blue tasmanian vine.

Appleberry sebagai tanaman liar yang tumbuh di teritori dingin, khususnya di Australia tenggara. Rasanya sebagai kombinasi di antara apel dan buah berikan.

3. Lucuma


Chesas or lucuma is an exotic fruit from the Philippines. The fruit of its Latin name Pouteria lucuma is called the fruit of the egg, because the flesh of the fruit is like a boiled yolk.

Lucuma is still a family with sawo fruit. The inside side is also similar to the cooking sawo, but the yellow color is clear. While it tastes as a combination among maple and sweet potatoes.

4. Capuacu


Capuacu as a fruit that is widely cultivated in Colombia, Bolivia, Peru and the northern regions of Brazil.

This fruit is still in the same family as Theobroma cacao aka chocolate. It has a shape also like a brown fruit. Capuacu is usually made into desserts, juices, and sweets. The fragrance is as a combination between chocolate and pineapple. While it tastes like pears and bananas.




Che is a call for Chinese mulberry fruit. This fruit is still in the same family as mulberry.

Che plant bears fruit in the summer. It has a cursory shape looks like raspberry berries. But the taste is absolutely not sour. More similar to melon fruits.

6. Jocote


Jocote as a fruit that is one relative to cashew. Its performance is also similar to that of ripe cashew, but without seeds appearing at the end.

This fruit of American origin is commonly consumed as a sweet. When immature, it is usually eaten with salt, vinegar, or lime juice.

7. Chilean guava

Chilean guava

Although the name is Chilean guava, this fruit is apparently even famous in England. It is said that guava has a size as big as marbles with a clear red color as Queen Victoria's favorite fruit.

8. Black sapote

Black sapote

At first glance, this fruit looks like a kernatu or kenitu. But when split, the flesh of the fruit is a blackish-brown color. It also tastes like chocolate pudding.

The fruit of the Latin name Diospyros digyna is still relative to the fruit of kernatu and sawo. He is also known as Chocolate Pudding Fruit (chocolate pudding fruit) and Chocolate Persimmon (chocolate persimmon).

He came from the central American and Mexican regions. But today it is bred in Florida, Australia and the Philippines.

9. Spanish limes

Spanish limes

Although its name is related to Spain, this fruit did not come from that country.

According to the Quora website, the Spanish lime is a fruit that is from south America and central America. Although it tastes like limes, this fruit is still a family with lychees.

10. Hala


Pandanus tectorius as one of the pandanus species that can be found in the Pacific region and Australia.

Its fruits divided into several tens of borders have a hard texture and orange color (when they have ripened). This fruit is commonly used in culinary characteristics of the Maldives and Micronesia.

Those are 10 exotic pieces from various continents that you deserve to recognize for their presence.

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