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Zelensky Fires Ukrainian Ambassador Who Ordered To Kill Russians, Until Zelensky Mocks Russia Bankruptcy for Using Iranian Drones

Banaspati -- President Volodymyr Zelensky issued the Ambassador of Ukraine to Kazakhstan, Pyotr Vrublevsky. Zelensky has not yet appointed an alternative to Vrublevsky.

Quoted from Russia Today, Vrublevsky once expressed a polemical confession. He once made it clear to kill as many Russians as possible in an interrogation last August. The polemical confession was carried out during a review with a Kazakhstan video blogger.

When asked about the situation in Ukraine at that time, Vrublevsky spoke, "What can I say? We're trying to kill (the Russians) around as possible. The more Russians who are killed today, the fewer children who are killed," he said at the time.

Vrublevsky's confession angered some of the top brass in Kazakhstan, which has a large Russian ethnic minority. Critics accused the Ukrainian envoy of provoking malice in the country. Vrublevsky said he apologised for his remarks after being invited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before he finally left for the holidays.

Initially this month, Moscow expressed grief regarding Vrublevsky's arrival in Kazakhstan. The Russian Foreign Ministry claimed that the man would continue to hold as Ukraine's Ambassador in Astana. Vrublevsky's decision was contrary to the collateral made by Kazakhstan if the diplomat was to be overthrown.

Kazakhstan explained Vrublevsky would leave the country as soon as a replacement. Kazakhstan's government refused to get rid of the man.

It will likely take several months for Kiev to replace the search for the Vrublevsky penggantni. This is as Kiev carried out to the former Ukrainian ambassador to Berlin. Andrey Melnik became popular for using abusive language when talking about German officials and other citizen figures.

Zelensky expelled Melnik in July, one week after the diplomat falsely claimed ukrainian nationalist forces did not participate in the ethnic cleansing of Jews and Poles throughout World War II. He remained in Berlin until Friday last week until he left Germany.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said Russia's attachment to Iran's drones to attack Ukraine hinted the country was already bankrupt, either politically or militarily. On Tuesday, October 18, 2022, Zelensky described using Iranian-made weapons as an indirect statement of Moscow's inadequacy. For several decades, Moscow has been in control of the Soviet and post-Soviet defense industries.

Ukraine explained Russia's latest onslaught on infrastructure entrusting Iran's Kamikaze Shahed-136 drone. But Iran opposes already supplying unmanned aerial vehicles to Russia. This iranian recognition was refuted by Washington.

The Kremlin did not immediately oppose or admit to the use of Kamikaze drones. On Tuesday, the Kremlin explained it had no info on what Iranian kamikaze drones were not or were used.

"Please remember the evidence that Russia has sought contributions from Iran called a statement by the Kremlin if the country goes bankrupt in military and political matters," Zelensky said in a speech Tuesday night. "Throughout the decades, they (Russia) spent billions of dollars on their own military-industrial complex. In the end, they went to Tehran to secure drones and missiles which is quite simple," he said.

Zelensky, who explained the latest onslaught has already rendered 30% of Ukraine's power plants malfunctioning. He explained that the use of weapons likely gave rise to desires and fantasies between some Russian leaders, but would not help. "It will only show the world one more time if Russia goes in the direction of defeat and tries to grind one of its accomplices into this intimidation," he said.

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