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Walker denied that the cheque he had given to the former partner, was for an abortion

Banaspati -- Georgian Republican Senate nominee Herschel Walker admitted to giving a $700 check to his then-spouse in 2009, but at an interrogation that aired Monday, he continued to debunk the woman's claim if the money was prepared to pay for abortions.

Showing a picture of a sign of receipt from an abortion clinic and a check dated days later with his name, Walker spoke, "Yes, that's my check," throughout an interrogation broadcast on NBC's "Today Show."

Walker explained it was his signature on the check but dismissed the indictment from the woman, and called the mother of one of Walker's children if it was to pay for the abortion.

"It's lying," said Walker, who has already fought abortion in all cases as a Candidate for the Senate. "Show me if I do that. Just to show me some kind of thing doesn't do anything for me."

He explained he had "no idea what it was" when he was given a copy of the check.

Asked why voters should believe him, Walker spoke, "I'm open about everything I've been working on. "

The woman explained that Walker paid her for an abortion in 2009 and if she ended the relationship with him in 2011 after she refused to go through the process again. The woman explained to The Washington Post that the report in the Daily Beast, which gave the story's report for the first time, and the New York Times accurately visualized her life story. He spoke of anonymity requirements to protect the privacy of him and his son, who is currently ten years old.

"She is the mother of my child," Walker said during the review, showing that the money was to cover expenses. However, the child was born many years after the abortion.

Walker had already opposed if he paid for an abortion or knew about one at that time. The woman and one of Walker's adult children another woman has charged him with not succeeding in coming to a father.

Walker is already campaigning as an opponent of abortion in all cases, including rape, incest, and making protection of maternal life. He has endorsed a proposal by Senator Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) for a federation ban on abortion at 15 weeks.

But Walker has shifted his place in the last few days and insists he doesn't change his vision.

Throughout his debate with Senator Raphael G. Warnock (D-Ga.) on Friday night, Walker explained he endorsed Georgia's abortion ban with exceptions. But the next few days, he denied that he changed his attitude which was "not except in my mind".

"I'm going to give life support, but I'm giving support what the people's voice is," Walker said. "The people's vote is Georgia's heartbeat bill, which has exceptions in it. Well, I'm a senator for the people. And I'm talking, one of the problems we have [is] that senators in Washington forget about some of the people who put them in there."

During an NBC review, which had been conducted all weekend, Walker defended the sheriff's badge throughout Friday's discussion, calling the badge "shah."

"This is from my courtyard village. It's from Johnson County, from the sheriff from Johnson County, which is called a shah badge," Walker said during an NBC review.

Walker displayed the badge — which appears to have an honorary nature — throughout Friday's discussion after Warnock explained that Walker had been "coded as a police officer," a recommendation to a claim by Walker about working with the FBI and the police department on the spot.

Instead of responding verbally, Walker pulled out a badge, pulling a warning from the moderator for wearing props, which was not allowed under the terms of the discussion.

"Everyone can make fun of it, but this badge gives me the right... if something happens in this area, I have the right to work with the police in getting things done," Walker said during an NBC review.

"I've never beautified," Walker said. "I never did. I work in law enforcement."

On Monday, speaking to reporters as he voted at the start of a race in Atlanta, Warnock picked up the scene with a badge and other examples from Walker that decorated his past that was already immortalized in the information.

"He... admit it as a cop. He didn't," Warnock said. "Being claimed to be working for the FBI, I don't think so. Admit a college alumnus, he's not. Admit it as a valedictorian in his class, he doesn't. Claimed to have 800 employees in his business, and he has eight. Claimed to have started a business that didn't even exist. So I assume he wants some Georgians right now to imagine and think about if he's a United States senator. He was unprepared."

"The People of Georgia deserve a serious person to be their representative at a serious time," Warnock said. "I commit to doing the task. I was open about my life."

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