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U.S. Aid Brings Ukraine's Destruction, Makes Kiev a Place for Weapons Trials and War Drills

Banaspati -- The United States (US) and its European allies continue to heat up the war between Ukraine versus Russia. Some of those allied countries continued to send weapons to Ukraine.

This spurred a strong reaction from the Russians. His country Vladimir Putin was motionless. And it reminds the world that the contribution of arms from the US and its allies will instead damage Ukraine.

This was said russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova. He explained that the intention of the United States to strengthen Kiev's status would only bring collapse to Ukraine.

"The U.S. supplies weapons to damage the country they've been taking care of (Ukraine) all year round. This is an important conflict," he said on Radio Sputnik, Wednesday (10/19/2022).

"They seem to want to strengthen, but all in the direction of intersecting results... The status of Washington, which depends on the rise of the dispute, is in the direction of the collapse of Ukraine," he said.

He wrote that some people in Ukraine have understood this and explained that the US does not plan for peace, prosperity, or democracy in the Ukrainian area.

"They intend to use the dispute as a stepping stone, as a training ground, as a tool," Zakharova said.

The recognition is in response to the recognition of US Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Issues Karen Donfried on Tuesday (18/10) if Washington intends to give Ukraine the most powerful status at a time when peace talks with Russia begin.

"We will continue to help the Ukrainian people and give them support to help them protect themselves and their regions from illegal Russian aggression. We're going to do this for as long as it's needed," Donfried said.

Donfried explained that the referendum was a propaganda act to try to cover up free efforts in land grabs in Ukraine.

He explained that the result of the referendum had been laid out and did not describe the will of some people in Ukraine. Donfried made it clear that the U.S. has never claimed Russia's annexation of any Ukrainian area.

Last week, the US announced an additional contribution of 725 million dollars (around Rp11.2 trillion) for Ukraine's defense purposes.

The information comes days after Russia carried out air strikes across Ukraine, counting the capital Kiev.

The Russian-occupied Areas of Donetsk and Luhansk in Ukraine, and the Russian-controlled side of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson, held a referendum on joining Russia on September 23-27, 2022.

Moscow claimed that about 98% of voters wanted to join Russia, but the result of the referendum was really disputed and denied by Ukraine and its Western allies.

The polls have been widely criticized by international communes. Some European countries and the US say it is a false referendum and consider it a violation of international law.

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