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The World is Currently Not Doing Well, The Threat of a Global Recession in 2023 to the World's Hunger Rate Rises to 150 Million People since 2019

Banaspati -- Body The World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said that the hunger rate in the world is increasing by increasing to 46 million people since 2020 or up 150 million people since 2019 due to rising food prices.

"The increase in food prices affects usbut the effect is most felt by those who are vulnerable and by several countries that have experienced food criticality," said FAO Representative for Indonesia and Timor Leste Rajendra Aryal in legal info in Jakarta, Friday (14/10/2022).

Based on FAO data, currently, 3.1 billion people around the world remain unable to afford healthy food. Hunger is on the rise and affects 828 million people in 2021.

In just 2 yearsthe number of people who are at risk of food has increased from 135 million (2019) to 193 million (2021), and it is predicted to get worse in 2022.

FAO said around 970 thousand people were predicted will live in a state of famine in five countries namely Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, and Yemen. This number is ten times more than 6 years ago when only two countries had their populations facing the same situation.

This is because the world faces major food security hurdles as a result of which disputescritical economies, weather precariousness, environmental deteriorationand the continuing impact of Covid-19.

Many things have resulted in food insecurity because food prices have risen to the highest record, fertilizer so it is too expensive for many farmers, and the number of people facing food insecurity is increasing.

In commemoration of World Food Day which falls on October 16, FAO said everyone is taking care and growing global togetherness to shift forms to agricultural-food mechanismsmobilizing Progress in an inclusive economyaddressing inequality, increasing strengthand achieving the direction of continuous development.

This year's World Food Day topic is "You can't leave someone behind either: Better Production, Nutrition a Better Environment, a Better Environment, and a Better Life," he said.

Aryal prioritizes the virtues of smallholder farmers and fishermen to transfer the form of global food farming mechanisms.

"Smallholders and fishermen must be at the center of the global food farming mechanism. We need appropriate rural tasks and servicesand end them employee children and mobilizing gender equality to provide support for rural residentscalled custodians the majority of the earth's biological diversity," Aryal said.

He moved to change the agricultural-food mechanism to be more effective, more inclusive, and strongeras well as more constantly to produce betterbetter nutrition, a better environment betterand a better life for all.

"Agriculture is the interference of humanity that most it's cost-effective," Aryal said.

Today's world is not goodThe improvement in the global economy due to the Covid-19 outbreak is expected to not be optimal. The new world wants to wake up from the plaguebut again faces the problems of the Russian-Ukrainian war that neither is over.

The impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war is getting more widespreadthe impact is critical of food, energy to finances that have hit some countries.

In addition to the Covid-19 outbreak, war, and food crisisnow the world is facing terror and increased inflation until the weather transition. This matter is also said to be an economic storm or the term used by state officials, namely perfect storm.

Because there is an extraordinary storm this economy gives rise to the terror of the global crisis of 2023. Many countries' economies will collapseand the world's citizens are starving to the point of huge debt bondage.

International financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank have also warned of the terror of the crisis global 2023.

"There are real risks and dangers from next year's world crisis," said World Bank President David Malpass.

Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Kristalina Georgieva explained that the terror of the global crisis was due to the shock caused by the epidemic Covid-19, Russian aggression into Ukraine, and weather calamities on all continents.

Economic activity soared in the 3 special economies among which Europe was already hard hit by high natural gas prices, China where housing volatility and COVID-19 issues are hitting down developmentsand the United States where rising interest rates are 'starting to bite.

A slowdown in developments in some developed countriesrising interest rates, weather risks and To be continued his high food and energy prices hit some developing countries.

Georgieva explains some developed economies need to control the huge and terrible dangers of critical debt will therefore affect all countries, not just those with burdens of high debt.

The IMF cut its forecast for global economic progress to 3.2% this year and 2.7% in 2023. The prediction was corrected down 0.2% point for 2023 from the July predictionbased on the World Economic Outlook (WEO) report. current.

The global economy is experiencing several up-and-down hurdles due to higher inflation than seen in decades, the tightening of financial conditions in the majority of regionsthe conflict Russia-Ukraine, and the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, which are all burdensome.

"This is the weakest developmental profile since 2001 except for critical global finance and the chronic chapter of the COVID-19 outbreak and describes a meaningful slowdown for the largest economy," the IMF report noted.

The crisis is a meaningful reduction in the economy in all areas of the economy that is running for more than a few quarters.

The crisis was followed not only by a reduction in the gross local product (GDP) but a reduction in incomemarketing reduction and manufacturing production, and an increase in the unemployment rate.

There are at least 7 impacts of the global crisis that Indonesia wants to feel, such as a decrease in the value of the change Rupiah, the falling purchasing power of citizensincreasing prices of goods, many businesses going up their pedestals, investment performance falling, business operations hindered to the terror of mass layoffs of employees.

However, according to Georgieva, the Indonesian economy is a clear point during the bleak world economyThe recognition was said by Georgieva after a discussion with Finance Minister Sri Mulyani in the annual IMF Annual Meetings 2022 face-to-face in Washington DC, USA

"Indonesia remains a bright spot in a worsening global economy! (Indonesia remains a clear point in a deteriorating global economy)," said Georgieva.

Sri Mulyani and Georgieva discuss the latest changes in the global economy and share concerns the same relate to the state of many countries because the world is not good right now.

A third of the countries in the world will experience economic stress in the next 4-6 months either due to distress due to high debt burden, added to the lack of macroeconomic essentials and rumors of political stability.

"This is happening not only in developing countries but in some developed countries," Sri Mulyani said.

In the data said by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), currentlyaround 28 countries are marching to become IMF patients because financially critical. Fortunately, Indonesia did not enter the list of 28 countries because the Indonesian economy is still better.

International institutions say 66 countries are on vulnerable status for bankruptcyToday 345 million people in 82 countries suffer from chronic shortages and hunger,

"That is, there is critical food. That is, the plague that hit all these countries caused this global economy to collapse," Jokowi said.

Reflecting on this report, Jokowi reminded all parties to always be confident in controlling inflation in Indonesia. Butit is necessary to be vigilant. "This is the one more time we have to keep the confidence but the more valuable one is to be careful and standby," said Jokowi.

Jokowi once said that Indonesia's economic recovery is still relatively strong during a world situation full of obscurity. "Our country Indonesia, if I witness the economic reconditioning, is still relatively strong," said Jokowi.

In that regard, Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan asked all parties not to jump even though Indonesia's economic condition is better.

"We are probably one of the countries with the best circumstances at this timebut one more time, we don't have to worry here because in the next six months this is what can happen," he said.

The government also conducts stress tests to recognize risks and an important way of being prepared to face the terror of the global crisis in 2023.

"The president had ordered the other day to do a stress testSee, if there is this scenariothis scenario, what is happening, how can our economy be no," Luhut said.

Luhut said That Indonesia is ready to face the perfect storm. The situation of the perfect storm arises because there are three problems simultaneouslynamely the terror of high inflation counting some developed countries, crises either technical or efficient and explained due to geopolitical circumstancesThe perfect storm situation can occur in any country in the world until Indonesia must also alert.

Coupled with the state of the invisible Russian-Ukrainian war will be over Even the warmer and more worried about the more critical food and energy walked longer and longer.

"If there's a limited and nuclear war, it's very risky because if people are already depressedhe can do what," he said.

Therefore, Luhut explained that the current government is calculating and preparing some of the ugliest scenarios to deal with that situation<.0> just asking all parties to be solid against him.

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