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The Russians attacked the city of Energodar using the M777 Hotwizer weapon

Banaspati -- The war between Russia and Ukraine is still going on today it has entered the 231st day of aggression. To the latest information, Russia continues to attack special infrastructure in Ukraine with a missile onslaught.

The Guardian said that the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy asked to supply more and more air defense mechanisms to some G7 leaders. He intended to keep an eye on the banks of Belarus.

Some G7 leaders admit to providing Ukrainian support "as long as necessary" while swearing Russia's latest missile strike in several Ukrainian cities.

On the other hand, belarus' defense ministry explained that the mobilization of troops together with Russia on its borders is protective treatment. The way it was implemented to ensure "security" as far as the edge between Belarus and Ukraine.

The State of the Russian and Ukrainian Wars

Al Jazeera said that face-to-face NATO members and allies in Brussels today Wednesday, October 12, 2022, the opportunity will concentrate on procuring additional air defense mechanisms for Ukraine. That's what the U.S. ambassador said to NATO.

The White House National Security Council spokesman explained that the United States will speed up the transport of NASM's great air defense mechanism to Ukraine.

According to Russian media, explosions were said to have occurred in Russian-controlled Kherson and Melitopol on Wednesday. Russia is already attacking Ukraine's energy and communications infrastructure in what it says is in retaliation for the Crimean bridge explosion.

TASS said that on Tuesday night, Ukrainian soldiers launched more than 20 strikes with US M777 howitzers in the city of Energodar in Zaporizhzhia.

"Today, the military-civilian administration of Energodar has reported more than twenty artillery strikes on the industrial zone, the Zaporizhzhia thermoelectric power plant, and the Energodar coastline," the civil-military government said.

Ukraine is pressuring civil society to save electricity by not using household appliances such as ovens and washing machines as millions of people face power outages after Russia's biggest on its power grid.

Update Russia Ukraine today, Vladimir Putin poses the threat of nuclear war, and the G7 line promises Ukraine's defense.

Finished Russia launched its series of onslaughts, how will the war with Ukraine continue?

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In the latest news on Ukraine's Russia issue today, Putin again gave the terror of nuclear war until the G7 line promised Ukraine defense.

This was revealed during a face-to-face meeting on Tuesday (11/10/2022), where several leaders of the G7 line held a face-to-face meeting with Zelenskyy.

In the meeting, too, several G7 leaders promised to continue to give their support to Ukraine.

As quoted from voanews, some G7 leaders will stand firm with Ukraine as long as needed.

After Russia continued its series of missile strikes on several Ukrainian cities.

To be understood by the G7 is a world organization consisting of 7 countries that have advanced economic backgrounds.

The seven countries that entered the G7 ranks, namely France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Some G7 leaders explained in a virtual post-face acknowledgment that they had given Zelenskyy confidence that they were not influenced and were firm in loyalty to give Ukraine the necessary support to uphold its sovereignty and territorial credibility.



Amid Putin's continued terror of using nuclear weapons, the G7 made it clear it would pose a chronic risk if Moscow used the weapons of the mass exterminator.

Russia is predicted to have 2,000 of these tactical nuclear weapons, some of the smallest and most portable to the point of being said to be suitcase bombs.

And earlier this week, President Joe Biden explained to Zelenskyy that the United States would give Ukraine a great air defense mechanism.

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United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin will review details at a face-to-face Ukrainian Defense Contact Line in Brussels on Wednesday, with defense chiefs from nearly 50 countries.

The air defense mechanisms that are taken into account will include mechanisms that can challenge what is said to be roaming ammunition, which awaits around the premises and attacks once the target is found.

Furthermore, the United States did not elaborate on the type of mechanism that counts for Kyiv, as to whether they will use a long-range Patriot air defense mechanism that can challenge tactical ballistic missiles, missiles, and great aircraft.

In addition, the G7 explained that its faction is committed to helping Ukraine meet the needs of winter preparations and will continue to provide financial, humanitarian, military, diplomatic, and legal support to Kyiv.

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