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the Nakia Creek fire is "the number one priority fire in the country" because of its potential risk to life and the resources needed to put it out

Some officials on Wednesday explained the Nakia Creek fire was "the number one focus fire in the country" because of its risk strength on life and the resources needed to put it out.

Although rescue orders have been undone for some of the 40,000 people who need to leave their homes this week, "we're not out of the jungle yet," said Dave Larson, deputy event commander for the Oregon Department of Forestry, the body already in charge of firefighting efforts on Mount Larch in Clark County.

Due to the colder temperatures, the higher humidity, and the minimum wind in last night, firefighters continued to set up a containment line on the edge of the fire. The Nakia Creek fire has grown by just 73 acres since Tuesday - currently measuring about 1,869 acres. This is about 12% available.

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On the edge of the fire, many areas are already witnessing their rescue orders reduced to Tier 2 — or "laid out to move," counting Ireland's small commune, about 14 miles east of Vancouver. Livingston and Elkhorn Mountain places, and Sturgeon and Pyramid Rock, are back again to Tier 2.

The more cheerful sky and less fog on Wednesday afternoon meant the crew could carry planes, accounting for seven helicopters and two dimming planes. It could be a "game changer" for a detention effort after so many days without air contribution, said Oregon Department of Forestry spokeswoman Natalie Weber.

More than 500 personnel are on the ground as the Oregon Department of Forestry has brought in more resources — additional equipment, firefighters and aircraft — to help the efforts of Local Washington agencies that have been shutting down the fire since it started Oct. 9.

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This operation was prioritized on the care of the containment line, in particular on the western perimeter.

The updated rescue zone can be found on Clark County's precarious communications website. The county will continue to notify some people in the affected areas via text and telephone calls.

Several deputies were patrolling the road blockade near the Tier 3 rescue site, Clark County Sheriff's Office spokesman Chris Skidmore said.

Skidmore recalled those who had no business or home in the region to stay away.

"This is not a street fire," he said. "Please avoid some of those areas and keep firefighters doing their job."

Fire investigators continue to search for the origin of the fire, said Curtis Eavenson, a special investigator for the Nakia Creek fire and an accompanying firefighter for the Clark County Fire Department

Eavenson explained the tip-line had received "mostly great calls and contributions from the public" after a firefighter's top brass posted a video showing a vehicle that was "interesting" for the investigation.

Investigators followed "every guide," Eavenson said.

"Anyone who has the info, it doesn't matter how much you think, our contacts," he said.

Eavenson explained that the investigation so far has made sure that the fire was started by a device, although he added that he could not speak with anyone's "intentions."' Eavenson issued a request to the 4 people depicted in the video to call the firefighters. "Let's talk about what happened," he said. "Let's get this done."

The video shows a vehicle several hundred mtr. far away from something believed to be the ignition point of the fire.

Firefighters "feel optimistic" about the rains predicted on Friday, said Dave Larson of the Oregon Department of Forestry, escaping the hurdles it's likely to cause.

It could be about finding a "sweet spot" that takes advantage of the rain and keeping firefighters safe amid the forces of a landslide.

"It's really a catch-22 for us," Weber said. "We know that and make sure everyone takes accurate deterrence treatment. "

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